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Small Directives Request For Devs

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TungstenHitman #1 Posted 04 August 2019 - 10:42 PM

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Hi all.


Just a small request to WG devs about the auto-resupply option for these directives we collect as we play battles. What I(I think all of us?) would really like featured is also an automatic stop and notification for when we eventually run out of that particular directive we have selected along with auto-resupply. Problem right now is that we can have many directives, it's hard to keep track of how many we used and so we can play nearly 100 battles with them and simply forget about it but as it stands right now, if we use them all up, forget about checking them, we are automatically resupplied with them but at the cost of our precious bonds which is a bit of a kick in the nuts if you later discover you were playing many battles like this I think you might agree lol. Sure, you can say, just keep a check on them but like I said we can have a hell of a lot of one type, its easier to auto-resupply rather than keeping track of each and every tank so what can happen is you either run out of them and lose bonds as mentioned or you don't bother using them at all. To not use them at all for me is a shame. Sure, you can select them individually with each and every battle but a particular directive will suit a certain tank much more than it does another and so it would be great to have the option to automatically resupply them until they run out and then just stop. 




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