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Supertest: Minsk & Berlin maps

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Delhroh #1 Posted 06 August 2019 - 10:42 AM

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Today, it’s time to test multiple versions of the ‘Minsk’ map on the Supertest. The first two were revealed on a previous occasion. However, we have also added a completely different, alternative version. Also, we are going to test a couple of tweaks to the Berlin map.






A short overview at what changes have been introduced to the Minsk map:


Version 1

  • The terrain and base positions were changed.
  • Multiple hills were added to the center of the map.

Version 2

  • A pedestrian tunnel under the avenue was added.
  • The river lost significant amounts of water, and large parts have become accessible. Plus, it’s easier to get from the riverbed to the embankment through newly added routes. 

The alternative version (without previously made changes)

  1. The courtyard behind the buildings topped with huge red letters reading “ПОДВИГ НАРОДА БЕССМЕРТЕН” (“The People’s Deeds Are Immortal”;) is accessible.
  2. The season changed to autumn.
  3. The river has lost significant amounts of water, and large parts are now accessible. Plus, routes from the riverbed have been added throughout the entire map.
  4. The white fence along the central part of the avenue has been removed. Instead, bushes were added on either side of the avenue.






  1. We increased the size of the bunker for more tactical opportunities.
  2. More positions to seek cover behind were added.

Each of the versions mentioned above is subject to change.

Pattonizer #2 Posted 10 August 2019 - 06:10 PM

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Not to be rude or something but these issues are older than my grandma and she's dead.


Haven't been playing seriously for a year now, just checked back, hoping to see any news about upcoming maps. And you guys are still sitting on a 10% made Berlin map. Why don't you just make purchasable map packs and start to create some real content, please?

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TheMaroko1337 #3 Posted 13 August 2019 - 04:03 AM


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I have to agree with your points there, some of this stuff is moving along absurdly slowly. Well i've never created a game myself, but if stuff is moving along like this, maybe it's time to shift some more money into development? Well not that it's going to happen, it just feels a little strange that stuff has always gone this slowly making new content. 

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