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ZhumZhum lf clan [3k+ wn8]

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ZhumZhum #1 Posted 11 August 2019 - 08:38 AM


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Hello everyone, ZhumZhum here. 


I've been playing this game as a casual for over 7 years now and started enjoying the game a few months back. Before that, i was mostly a clown running ELC only on the [ELC-P] clan.

The only noticeable clan i joined were MOSES/GOMID and i took a break after it disbanded, then RGT & NERVA. I got kicked from both clans because I just do not play SH/CW. I never got into it so yeah, that's how it is. 

Mostly playing tier X gamesand 3 marking tanks i like the most. I don't have a lot of tier X however, you can watch it on the link below.


Got a top10 in the tier X march of nation, got both 260 & 279e... 

You can find my stats and stuff here: http://wotlabs.net/eu/player/ZhumZhum 


About me: I'm french, i barely played SH/CW at all since i was mostly a casual so i'm not experienced at all on those game modes.


Mostly looking for a pretty good clan, or at least filled with quite a few good players to platoon with. Pm ingame please as i barely read forums. 


See ya on the battlefield

DuckPhobia #2 Posted 11 August 2019 - 12:18 PM

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Hey buddy, 


Gonna send you an in game but thought as I am here might aswell pop a message on here, cover my bases :)

We are an international clan, we have a few French players as well as a smattering of international players, English is the primary language in the clan. 

We have a discord if you wanna join see if you would fit in around us :)






Commander Ducky

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