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Supertest News: Minsk Map

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vuque #1 Posted 16 August 2019 - 11:32 AM


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The closed testing of the Minsk map continues with a different map variant aside from those shown in the previous publication.


  1. Added river crossings near both sides of the central bridge to provide opportunity for manoeuvring if you need to change positions.
  2. Large trees and some bushes from the landscape area were removed for easier driving and spotting.
  3. Positions for tank destroyers are now clearer and more comfortable.
  4. The long firing sectors on the landscape area along the avenue were removed. The landscape area was reworked to provide more tactical opportunities. Some hills allow to take advantage of the elevation/depression angles and strong turrets. Those changes in the landscape allow to move along the whole avenue on both sides.
  5. Added a new position – an unfinished building – as a counterpart to the circus.
  6. Added a path in the city for the team starting in the upper part to help them getting to positions easier and allow for additional manoeuvring in the city block.
  7. The city blocks behind the Victory Square were opened up; it's now possible to engage vehicles in the city that way.
  8. The base positions were changed, and the landscape has been corrected.
  9. We expanded the ford near the top base and removed some embarkment area elements, so driving is easier and more straightforward now.
  10. We completely reworked the yard layouts in the western part of the map; they are now more spacious and fit for manoeuvring. To keep the historical layout, the structure of the two entrances remains, however it's now possible to fire through the entrance near the red line at mid-range. Medium tanks will have more space in these yards, there will be fewer encounters with groups of enemies, and it will be easier to fall back from them.
  11. The white fence pillars at the landscape area blocking fire and movement were removed.




All changes above are subject to change, depending on the test results.

deadman_38 #2 Posted 18 August 2019 - 12:05 PM


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It would be great if your map creators could make some cover in the middle so you can actually flank the enemies alot easier. Right now in the middle you cant do crap. If you push the middle you will get shot by both towns. Right now there is just a stand off and the one makes the misstake to push dies. Make some hills, rocks, houses etc in the middle so the map become more dynamic. 

Inappropriate_noob #3 Posted 20 August 2019 - 10:17 AM

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Wasn't the spawn area's to be renewed or something and the map made bigger?


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