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Homefront Bots Playerbase Bad Passive

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Robbie_T #21 Posted 19 August 2019 - 01:41 AM


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View PostBulldog_Drummond, on 18 August 2019 - 01:25 PM, said:

If we take the average IQ, which at 100 is not exactly smart, and reduce that a bit for unfamiliarity with a game that has quite a high learning curve and benefits those who can be bothered to acquire a deep knowledge base, it is hardly surprising that even bad AI is capable of taking on and defeating an average player.

Iq has not much to do with it 

And they can make those AI bots that they even beat the superunicums.

I have taken a 3day iq test voor a job i got 114 and i am average player...rubbing against 49% overall and since 1,5 year its 50% average a day hit or miss

Frend of mine i dont know his Iq but i know he's Fing smart did Gynasium with his eyes closed.....BUT DAMN he sucks at Wot...he has 45% winrate...

Another frend of mine....is dumb in RL he almost cant read his native language (dutch)...only speaks Dutch....only English he knows is  yes and no.and some rude words :P

But 55% winrate player....


What i think it is reaction time,and your state of mind....and if your a beta or a alpha...(and off course your in game knowledge)

The smart frend with the 45%....In RL he dont like fighting or confrontation 

The dumb frend with the 55% In RL he will fight you he dont care who you are (only Mike Tyson would get a pass)

And you see that in there gameplay....the smart frend dont want the confrontation that much and will give up sometimes.

The dumb frend he will atke the confrontation and he will fight till the end and will not give you a easy going..


Than i know a transgender who plays the game.......well let me say he better of playing the SIMS

HE just in the wrong game.....




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