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battles end to fast

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badmovepepe #1 Posted 23 August 2019 - 02:35 PM


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I don't know with you guys but I think the battles the last few months ends far too fast.

And Wg you are so proud of that match making, why not use it for something sensible, the last few month the matches end too fast, either you win 15-3 or lose 15-3, one should think that it were possible to mix the players so that the teams were more balanced and maybe  that way get longer matches.

just a thought

The_Naa #2 Posted 23 August 2019 - 03:14 PM


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the reason most games end up in 15-0 IMO is that certain amount of players go to a certain flanks, where some of them die and the team who gets the first kill has one gun more to turn against a different tank


*this is just an example, each game is different and maps played differently but i want to keep it simple*


if we take map Cliff for example, where 5 tanks from each team go to the 3 main flanks in the map,

so its 5v5 on each flank.

in the 8-9 line one tank from Team 1 dies

now its 4v5 on that flank and the another team has more guns now, Advantage that experienced players will use.

another tank from Team 1 dies as there is not enough firepower to keep the situation under control, the more tanks they lose the more likely they are to lose that flank

at this point Team 1 has lost that flank and now there are 5 tanks free to help their team by pushing the line and flanking the enemy from that side or going rotating back to a flank that needs help.

and the Team 2 has mostly likely won match right then and there.




this is how i see most games end in this game anyway.

losing because one flank fell and enemy gains more and more map control to take advantage of.

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