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Looking for an international competitive clan

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Object_9O7 #1 Posted 26 August 2019 - 01:50 AM


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Hi, first of all, a quick introduction : I'm an 18 yo french guy, been playing wot for about 7 years now, I played for a top french clan that have now disbanded (CR0WS), we took part of the Soldier of fortune campaign and we managed to stay in the top 50 in the leaderboard. After the campaign that allowed me to get my hands on an obj 907, I took a break from WoT for a few months, and I'm now back looking for action !


My profile :


I currently have ~1900 wn8 and 53% wr overall, and 2700 of recent wn8 (although I feel that I could easily push up to 3000 recent wn8)


As for my garage, here are the "meta" tier 10 tanks that I own : Obj 430 U, 277, 140, 907, IS7, FV4005, T110E3, M48 Patton, T92 HMC, 60TP, Bat chat 25t, AMX50B, I'm also near to get EBR 105 and TVP.

tier 8 meta tanks that I own : DefenderSU130, Progetto, Skorpion G, M40/M43.


if you want to see more about my stats, here's my wotlife profile : https://fr.wot-life...._9O7-507624659/


As I said in the title, I'm looking for an international clan (don't worry I speak english quite fluently :teethhappy:) that takes part in competitive gamemodes such as skirmishes, clan wars, and that is also willing to get involved in the next campaign


thank you in advance for your understanding :honoring:


EDIT : I found a clan :)


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DuckPhobia #2 Posted 26 August 2019 - 02:50 AM


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Hey there, 

So in full disclosure, we aren't a top 50 super french clan like CROWS. However we are competitive and very much clan wars centered. We started 4 months ago and have already participated in the recent fire trail tournament as well as landing a few times on the global map. 

We are always looking for more clan wars active players. Big plus, my personel officer is half french and lives in France at the moment. We have a big mixed back of nationalities.

Come join our discord if you want to chat and see what we are about. https://discord.gg/Sb2Wnjw


Commander Ducky

AGIOROB #3 Posted 26 August 2019 - 05:01 PM


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HI :)


come join British Reaper's ( we are an International Clan )
What Can you expect from B--R?
Daily Cw
Daily Platoons
Daily Stongholds (VIII / X)
Teamspeak 3 Server for effective comms
A chilled out environment but still the competitive drive to be better.
Most importantly, FUN!
(We Also Run A Dedicated Discord Page For All The Latest News And Friendly Chat)


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