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Bring old maps back inte rotation WG and some ideas

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deadman_38 #1 Posted 03 September 2019 - 11:03 AM


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I just copy my message from another discussion. 
I miss hidden village and pearlriver. Hidden village could be made so the mountain is a battle area but there are only a few parts as you could fire down at other aeras of the maps. Or the mountain could contain a cave system inside the mountain.
Pear river I just miss alot. The map had good dynamic. Many paths to choose from. Todays maps are just faltend out with a bulldozer. The design team on maps has no imagination no longer how the terrain should look like. Just look at kharkow, studzianki, ghosttown and  Erlenberg

Yes they did the middlepart more fun but what happend to the sides. And the old heavy flank. The house and the "good" arty/ td position on B1, B2. Everything is just flat.
And kharkow they could atleast make so you could flank in the middle. The trench is not enough. The tds at c2,c3 stoped you at flanking and if you want to go at E3 Heavyes at the city and tds could just kill you... What was wrong with the old kharkow. they  could just make the map larger for meds and lights on the right side. 
Ghost town are a joke for me. You cant flank in the city without getting shot from all the meds and tds. It´s hard to even spot on those open ground when every tank can kill you, tds, hts and meds. Make some more sand dunes, ships or what ever on ghost town so yuo could get a brawl with meds on the sides. Instead of just staring at each other. 
I know Wg will not listen to this and will not make a change on the terrain so you could flank.

Svamp: Bring it back but only so tier 4-7/8 can play on it. Other wise the map would be to big for tier 9 and 10. 

Ensk:Dont remove ensk but make so only tier 6 and lower can get the map in rotation. 


Dragonridge: todays computers could handle the map and when (YOU WG) has a better engine now it would maybe be a problem. Why not put the dragonridge map on the sandbox so players could test it out. 


Why did wg even remove dragonridge, The map was fun for me or Im a lone wolf?

South Coast: Why could WG just remove the camping hill on the map and replace it with some bushes or stones. So whatever flank you are choosing you could flank the hill.



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