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How to play Steel Hunter

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Razzupaltuff #1 Posted 05 September 2019 - 12:54 PM

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Steel Hunter plays differently than regular WoT matches. The physics also seem to be slightly different (maybe simply because particularly at the start, the vehicles are rather light and comparably fast). Personally I think it is a fun and very intense game mode that has been very well executed by Wargaming, and the rewards are also worth playing it (you can get a couple thousand bonds from it - now if that isn't something). The map and mood are also absolutely gorgeous. Both DezGames and Skill4LTU have published videos about the Steel Hunter game mode. DezGame's stance on it is the exact opposite of Skill's. I suppose that is because DezGames had a very good time in Steel Hunter from the beginning, while Skill didn't have that at all. :D So if you want to learn something about Steel Hunter I recommend watching DezGames' videos before coming to a conclusion.


So here's a quick run down of how to play Steel Hunter solo. Btw. Steel Hunter solo is significantly easier than as a platoon, because you will encounter way more inexperienced and bad players you can easily outplay.


#1 Use the Russian tank

Heh, who'd have guessed that. At tier 8, it will outclass the German and American tier 8 tanks in the late game.


#2 Get drops as quickly as possible to level up quickly

Use your radio scanner whenever you have no loot drops in sight. If you spot enemies close by, don't try to compete with them for a loot drop; Rather, run away (use a speed boost by pressing the "3" key if you have one) and get loot drops that are safe to collect. You want both yellow (ammo) and green (consumables) drops, as you are very low on ammo in the beginning. The green drops also give you repair kits and tech boosts. The latter enhance all characteristics of your vehicle, most importantly accuracy and rate of fire (rof). Go for blue drops only when they are really close and if you won't have to fight over them (or if you can be the laughing third).


#3 Avoid conflicts and particularly duels (1 vs. 1)

These take too much time, are likely to reduce your health, and can lead you into crossfires when on hot pursuit of a damaged opponent, making you easy prey for full health players you happen to come across. This also means that you should not rush for far away blue loot drops - this will usually get you into fights and very likely into enemy crossfire. The only time you want to attack is when you meet two players who are fighting each other. In that case, alternatingly shoot the healthier one. Ideally, you will turn them both into one shots without them noticing your intervention, and can salvage the loot from both players once you have finished them off. This also is the perfect occasion to get some special blue loot they may have gathered earlier.


#4 Stay at the borders of the playing field

Yellow zones are fine: Even when they turn red, you have enough time to leave them (the speed boost may come handy here). This means chosing a spawn near the borders of the map. I found that the chance to meet opponents early on in the game was lower when I spawned in the North of the map. The middle along the frozen river is also viable, because most players will avoid it, and you can find a lot of supplies there and move to the map border while picking them up.


#5 Go for the high pen, high alpha heavy build

The easiest build to play in my opinion is the high penetration (4th upgrade), high armor (5th and 6th upgrade) and high alpha (7th (final) upgrade). This gives you the biggest health pool and despite the lower dpm compared to the high rof build the higher amount of damage dealt. I have never failed to pen with the high pen, high alpha gun, but frequently with the low alpha, high rof gun. There are other viable builds, but they are harder to play and have disadvantages during the end game. My upgrade sequence is


  1. Better turn rate (Ctrl+1)
  2. Faster radio scanner cooldown (Ctrl+1)
  3. Higher top speed (Ctrl+2)
  4. Higher penetration (Ctrl+1)
  5. Stronger hull (Ctrl+2)
  6. Stronger turret (Ctrl+2)
  7. Higher alpha damage (Ctrl+2)


#6 Use the powerups from blue drops

Use them wisely, but use them decisively. When in a fight, press the "6" key for temporarily improved stats, track the opponent, re-track him, then slow him down ("9" key), give him an air strike ("7" key), finish him off, and enjoy the loot.


#7 End game

During the end game, when the safe zone shrinks to a single quadrant and finally turns red, most players will just try to sit it out. If there are three players, getting into a fight usually will end in your not taking the first place: Either, the 3rd player will watch and finish you off when you're done with your opponent, or your HP pool will be lower than his, and the damage effect of the red zone will kill you first. If you're the only other player left, you can chose to fight to reduce your final opponent's HP pool below yours, causing him to die faster when the zone turns red. You can also chose to sit it out and use a repair kit when the damage effect kicks in, giving you the two or three extra seconds you need to win the round. This is also where the heavy build is superior to the medium build: It has a significantly higher HP pool. So if the only other player left has chosen a medium build, just go and wreck him with your heavily armored high alpha build.



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