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Looking for a clan [2200 Wn8 - fluent in english]

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Feargiven #1 Posted 09 September 2019 - 07:50 PM


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Hey guys,


looking for a new clan, to play strongholds and clanwars.

I got some experience as well, in recent clans I earned:

- Object 907

- Chieftain T95

- Kv4 Kresl.


I didn't play for a good year, but I am willing to get back into it.


Here'sa link to my stats.

Overall 2,3k Wn8

~3k avg dmg. on T10's


About me:

- German origin, fluent in english though

- 20 y/o

- Willing to play Mo-Fr


I am looking forward to hearing from you lads :hiding:

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DuckPhobia #2 Posted 10 September 2019 - 08:56 AM

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Hey Buddy, 


You should come check out our discord, we are a competitive clan that is always seeking to improve, but also have fun too. At the end of the day this is a game and it should be fun. 


We have been fighting on the Tier 8 front for this season as it is our first, mainly so everyone can have a crack however we do both Tier 8 and Tier X Skirmishes, Advances and we will be competing in the next campaign and both tiers in the next season. 

Also....If you join and someone says "hello there" answer with "Ah General Kenobi" and you will see someone lose their little mind lol.


See you soon

Commander Ducky 

Dzwonie_Po_Policje #3 Posted 10 September 2019 - 11:31 AM


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[IFEEL] my friend, I left msg in game. :)

Sir_RE4PER #4 Posted 10 September 2019 - 05:34 PM


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SPESH is always looking for players like you :D



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Bleudragstar #5 Posted 11 September 2019 - 10:44 AM


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Hi there,


Whe are looking for some nice and good players in or clan S052.
whe area international clan, whe have people from iran and all over europe.
you can check out or discord if you want and let me know what you think.


SkullfixEU #6 Posted 15 September 2019 - 09:54 AM


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If you feel like helping out while getting back to the game. get to know me. You never know

Feargiven #7 Posted 19 September 2019 - 11:41 AM


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Still searching! 

Dikaseush #8 Posted 19 September 2019 - 12:55 PM


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Hi killer i have left you a msg ingame. feel free to read it :*

TijgernootTank #9 Posted 20 September 2019 - 06:06 PM

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Come carry us if you want try a season play without any voicecommunication .

As there are no reward tanks at stake maybe its option for you to return on global map in low profile clan .

KhublaR #10 Posted 21 September 2019 - 12:22 AM

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Hi there

BC-X is currently looking to recruit some players to enhance our strongholds,clan wars,advance team.If your interested




[BC-X] British Centurions Auxilia

“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”

We are the clan for those who want to play and the same competitive level of [-B-C-], but don’t meet their requirements.

We are currently focusing our competitive play at tier VIII and X,  but regularly do tier X advances and strongholds.

         To join our herd of heifers, you will need:

  • 2500 COMBINED (Overall + recent (30 day)) WN8 We look at WOT-Life to check
  • 2 essential or situation dependent tier VIII tanks, 2 essential or situation dependent tier X's (check tank list on the bottom)
  • TeamSpeak and must be able to speak English
  • We only have one rule and that is you can join TS when playing World of tanks, you can sit in the AFK channel and not talk to anyone but be on comms for clan games 

We will give you:

  • Clan boosters when strongholds are on
  • Strongholds and clan wars Monday to Sunday (tier VIII and X)
  • Platoons
  • Improving your stats by platooning with skilled players


Essential tanks are:

- Tier 8: WZ-132, M41 90 GF, ELC EVEN 90, IS-3, IS-3A, Defender, Caernarvon, WZ-120-1G FT, Progetto 46

- Tier 10: Obj. 907, Obj. 140, Obj. 430U, T62-A, WZ-111 5A, Obj. 277, Super Conqueror, Batchat, Obj. 268 V4, T100 LT, Type 5,


Situation-dependent tanks are:

- Tier 8: Lorraine, UDES / S1, VK 100 01 P, AMX 50 100 = Somua,

- Tier 10: Strv. 103B, TVP, T110E3, AMX 13 105, Rhm. Pzw., IS-7, Conq GC, T92


Requirements listed may be loosened at the behest of a recruitment officer.

​For further information or for applying to the clan, join our TeamSpeak3 server (TS.BRITISHCENTURIONS.CO.UK) and ask for a recruitment officer of the clan you intend to join.


We can take groups of players and are also looking for FC's 


To apply join our clan come on Teamspeak or discord or make an application via the link below  



Join our discord 


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warriornl #11 Posted 24 September 2019 - 09:46 AM


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Hello Killer,


We're OX1DE, the subclan of the top 10 rated OXIDE.


Looking at your stats and what you are looking for in a clan, we might be the perfect fit.

We have all you request, the player base to support that and the level of players that enables us to be competitive at all times.


If you're interested or want to know more, you can always PM me or drop by on our discord: https://discord.gg/yRS86FP


Let me know what you decide.


Best regards,



_1st_Concentrated_Juice_ #12 Posted 27 September 2019 - 05:35 PM


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Why not just join a good clan with alot of activity?
Take a look at DR3DD.
might be the right one for you

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