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Paper Tank Destroyers more suited to a novel gun system?

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Ulodwor #1 Posted 19 September 2019 - 01:54 AM


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The Chinese Tank Destroyers are essentially paper tanks. Does this mean they are more suitable for novel gun systems? Considering how the real world realism which could possibly be violated by a novel gun system was always flimsy at best for these paper tanks. 


Perhaps even suitable to the point where anything goes? 


To account for this eventuality and adress the unfortunate blandness of the Chinese Tank Destroyer line I'd like to propose a different gun system which would not necessarily replace the current guns but provide an alternative. 


In short it's about burst fire. The gun comes with a magazine. Whenever the player fires the gun it's a burst which empties the entire magazine. This apparent lack of a single shot mode would of course be a disadvantage. However, these guns would also have a "magazine" where the shells could be selectively loaded. That is, the loading process could be interrupted at any time and then no more shells would be loaded. If the magazine could hold a maximum of three shells and the player decided to interrupt the loading process when only one shell had been loaded, then only one shell would be fired the next time. The player may however elect to continue loading shells into the magazine later. 


Key feature of this burst fire, only the first shell would be fully accurate. Subsequent shells would be increasingly inaccurate due to shot dispersion caused by the previous shell(s) fired. Also, the shorter the intra clip reload, the less accurate the subsequent shells. Consequently, if these guns were to be given a low intra clip reload time only the first shell would likely be accurate enough when attempting to snipe. Yes, a full magazine would still do slightly more damage on average than a single shot when sniping but only slightly so. 


But if a fully loaded magazine will always do more damage than a magazine that is only partly loaded, why would a player ever want to interrupt the loading process?  


There are a few reasons:  

- Need to fire a shot as soon as possible, no time to fully load a magazine. 

- Want to conserve ammunition, target is far away and only the first shot will have a decent chance to hit. Certainly the last shot would be a near complete waste.   
- Improve rate of accurate fire. Loading of a new shell only begin when the magazine is emptied. Time spent first loading and then firing inaccurate burst shells is time not spent loading and firing more accurate single shot shells. 


To accommodate the hull space needed for the "magazine" and to balance them, these guns would generally be smaller with lower damage than the single shot guns of the same tier. Proper use of these guns would require situations where full bursts could be used to good effect. Average damage output would be great against targets hit by a full burst. Average damage output would however be poor against targets where only the first shot in a burst would be accurate enough to do damage. For single shot sniping, the current, high alpha guns would be the superior choice.  

Admittedly, merging the slow, cumbersome and above all turretless chassis of high tier Chinese Tank Destroyers with a finesse gun system may not be the best match. However, it would still be something different and presumably a bit more interesting than what we have today. 

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