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Suggestion for new line,new premium tanks and new mehanics

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Hell666March #1 Posted 25 September 2019 - 05:27 PM


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Greetings Tankers, 

The game progress is very good in terms of gameplay and mechanics, with new lines and new premium tanks, graphics and everything else.
Progress is better every year, regardless of the number of players who are constantly hooking and complaining about something.

Let's start


The Semovente was an Italian self-propeled gun of the WW2,but you can create to be TD with something special.
-TD with AP primary shells that can use it in Arcade and Sniper modes and HE shells that can use it in trajectory view like SPG,but with no stun effects.
-After using HE shells reloading time can be longer then using AP shells and cammo rating can drop more then after shooting AP.

Sweden light tanks

There is material for this line,UDES 19 and IKV 91 ( with amphibious characteristics).You can make a line based on them.
-The specialty of these tanks may be longer maintenance in the water or improving camo rating in siege mode and better view range but with 7+ seconds switching to Siege/Travel mode,longer than mediums and TDs.


-Tanks whose nation does not have a tech tree in the game.
I don't think it makes sense to add nations anymore, there are too many already and you can add lines to existing.
-These tanks can be prizes at various events (many players call it a marathon).

-They can make less credits than regular premium tanks but also be a bond makers.
-There is a lot of material for them:

Panzer 68 Erprobungsträger,Panzer 61,Nahkampfkanone 2,Kampfpanzer 68/88   (Switzerland)   

TAA – Tun Antitanc Autopropulsat,Mareșal,Tacam  (Romania)
Olifant MK.1 (South Africa)
Mark I,Mark II, E8/Magach-5 (Israel)

Bernardini X1A, Bernardini X1A2,EE-17, Sucuri, EE T1 Osorio, (Brasil)

TAM tank (Argentina)

Kurrasier SK-105 (Austria)
and etc.











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