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Gentlemen A Short View Back To The Past - Nostalgia

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Concinus #1 Posted 30 September 2019 - 10:17 PM


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Hello Everyone, this is my first appearence on the forums.


This is Dank Tanks 3:



A Compilation of old clips, mostly Patch 9.17.1 put together with Memes nobody asked for. This is oldschool World of Tanks at it's peak: No HD Maps but also no Artystun, 3-5-7-MM or overpowered premium tanks.


Watch and dwell in WoT 2016/17 nostalgia!


The Video is based on TheMightyJingles old Why You Heff To Be Mad series of videos. The original one he took down because of copyrighted music.

"Oh but why is it Dank Tanks 3 and not 1?" Because it's the third in the series. I just didn't bother to make a post on the forums before. Maybe you remember when Jingles made his 500k Subscriber contest. For that I made the original Dank Tanks... something like 3 years ago (I failed to submit it though).Then I made a sequal because it turned out I quite enjoyed the process of making these videos. And now the third.
Maybe but just maybe I will make a fourth part but it depends on if I have the time and the footage to make it.

You see I am not a Youtuber and nor do I ever plan to become one. This Video is made using freeware and as such there are certain limitations.


Anyways I t(h)ank you for watching! HIt the ol' like button if you really enjoyed it!


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