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My client keeps crashing

client crash crash troubleshooting

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Dragon986 #1 Posted 01 October 2019 - 07:44 PM


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Hi everyone!


I'm very disappointed, I tryed everything to solve the problem but I didn't found any similar problem on the internet.

I tried to get help from the support..... That was a total horrible thing, I didn't get even a normal answer not a pro one...

So my problem is my problem is:

- My client keeps randomly crashing. No error message, no message at all just closees itself.

- It happened first time... patches ago. I thought it is a patch problem only so I waited.... Waited... The game was patched a few times and nothing. It become worser now daily about 20 or more crashes. In some cases I can't even join a battle.... 

- I am a programmer so I digged up some error reports. Now I didn't find the old ones what tells "The thread tried to read or write to a virtual address that's not owned by it" Not exactley that but that was the point.

- I use one mod but don't matter if it's in the game folder or not it's a sound mod what works for everyone just fine.

- I reinstalled the game twice because it's near unplayable.

- I have the hardware to run the game correctly... I played on smaller pc-s it was going just fine... 

- Freshest holy everything on my pc


I attached an originally ".unprocessed" report file. as an .txt so everyone can open it.

It has some information about the crash I think because I found the "unhandled exception" words in it and "the client stopped working". It wants me to send to the support and it helps for them to fix the problem but doesn't matter what I say to the holy support they didn't wanted anything useful like that from me.


My specs: ASUS ROG G752VY 16GB version with GTX980M it is an laptop but if you dont want to google it I will write down the exact specs.


I would be really happy to find out whats the problem coz I really like this game I played a lot I have lots of money in it but now I'm jsut crying while the enemy shot down my afk tank and my team sends me to hotter climates....

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