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Quiet around here, innit?

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StClement #1 Posted 01 October 2019 - 09:02 PM

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Is it because the British models, pretty poor to start with, have been absolutely obliterated by power creep? :hiding:


I uninstalled a couple of years back, moved on to other games. A friend persuaded me to come back, because 'so much has changed'. Well, yes, a lot has changed. Sadly, a lot hasn't.


Take my beloved FV 4202. An excellent Tier 10 medium, slow and under armoured, but with a terrific gun, great camo and my go to when stuck in a sea of reds.


Now it's a Tier 8, with a popgun? Who thought that was a good idea?


Popguns seem to be a bit of a theme with the Brits now. The 6lber bounces everywhere, ditto the 75mm (although to be fair it was always pants), the 20lber is a waste of time against anything on it's own tier...


Am I missing something? How do you win games in a Brit these days? It used to be a case of using ridges and pinking away the other guy's hit points, now it seems like everyone else has a whole lot of extra armour, or the Brit popguns have been nerfed, I'm bouncing off the sides of most things. I'm not going anywhere near high tier games, I'm losing a fortune on tiddlers, I don't think I can take seeing my Conquerors going up in flames game after game!


So how about it chaps, any tips for a (very) rusty old timer? (Beyond 'git gud!' :))



XxKuzkina_MatxX #2 Posted 01 October 2019 - 09:15 PM

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Hello there and welcome back. :)


They're still the same as you described. Hull down tanks with low(ish) alpha.


If you want a list of good british tanks here you go...


Heavies:  Black prince (ok) - Caernarvon (very good) - Conqueror (very good) - Super Conqueror (very good)

Mediums: Firefly (good) - Cromwell (good) - Cromwell B ( very good) - Centurion 5/1 (very good premium) - Centurion 7/1 (good) - CAX (ok)

TDs: AT8 ( good) - AT7 (good) - Tortoise (very good) - Challenger (good) - Charioteer (excellent) - Conway (ok)


There is a lot of gold flying around in the game right now. Lots of credits available which allows that so be prepared to do the same.

Hyina #3 Posted 02 October 2019 - 07:14 PM


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British tanks have been powercreeped generally, some are still very good. I think they have a higher skill cap requiring more experience and situational awareness (no pun intended) They are generally not designed for brawling at the front or trading; but are support vehicles, relying on good base pen (cent t8 t9), high alpha (215b 183, 4005), dpm (comet, s conq)

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Oldewolfe #4 Posted 10 October 2019 - 12:17 AM

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I like my Brit's and I like my Germans, what can I say, I like Hard Luck Cases.....


I wasn't as Impressed with the 4202 at Tier 10, but I do prefer it at Tier 8.....      Cent 5/1 is an Equally Good Medium and Pocket Heavy when Top Tiered, just don't get to see that Often enough....     I kept everything Tier 8 on Up on most Lines, this one I did sell the Cent MkI only because I had the P.Vic and I needed the Space for another Line....


L7 Tanks are still the Derpiest 105mm Guns I have ever seen next to my Lansen C, and the 7/1 and Charioteer are no Exception.....     Bought back my Cromwell because I like it Better than the Bromwell....      Just Finished the S.Conq On Track so I have that now, Deathstar has been added after a 4yr Wait....


I even Bought the TL1 LPC, not for the Offspring Skin or Music, but because of the FV4201....       I have it Reskinned that way and I prefer playing it like my Brit's because frankly it's a Very Similar Creature....


And now I hear WG has Brit Armored Cars in Development for Super Test....     I haven't gotten the Lights yet, but I do look forward to these....

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