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Request: change of ammunition type of 76mm M1A2 to M79 for all t6+ meds/hvy tanks

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Gkirmathal #1 Posted 02 October 2019 - 12:54 PM


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I'll drop it here although I reckon it will not get any attention.


TL;DR: change standard shell type of all t6 M1A2 76mm guns, on tier 6 and up tanks (listed below) from: M62 to M79.


The focus of this post will be on the M1A2 and it's ammo for tier 6 to tier 8, for the following vehicles:

  • tier 6 - E8, E2, M6, M36 , Hellcat
  • tier 7 - T20, T29
  • tier 8 - M26


Ever since I unlocked the US med line I have been puzzled why WG has not yet re-balanced the US medium tank line and in particular the ammunition on this gun. A gun that has to be used to grind, if one is unlucky.

Re-balancing of the medium line starting from the E6/E2 was mentioned a few years ago. But regretfully this was binned. Only the top tier vehicles on this line, tier 9 and 10, got a little attention.

Since then World of Tanks and it's meta have evolved a great deal, while the tier 6 128mm penetration M62 ammunition used has remained the same since WoT's beta and first released. The same M62 ammunition is even used on tier 5 Sherman's M1A1 (tier 5 gun) top gun.


This I found quite intriguing. So I decided to look into this and see what the historical ammunition type this 76mm actually were. The Wiki source linked has footnotes to the paper publication from where the info came.



The spoiler shows the table of content showing the ammunition type the M1A2 used in it's operational time. Calculated penetration at range (90 degrees) using American and British 50% success criteria[69]


So it seems the 76mm M1A2 had 6 types of ammunition available throughout it's operational service, ranging from AP types to (H)APCR types. Seeing the M62 shell stats I think WoT's M62 stats are balanced well, for up to tier 5.

This made me think though: why has Wargaming not made a M79 shell and make that the standard shell type for the M1A2 guns from tier 6 and up.


Knowing the US tier 7 clan wars reward tank T23E3 has 149 pen ammunition (it was buff some time ago) so I looked it up.


To my amazement Wargaming already implemented the M79 shell type in the T23E3 and actually made the penetration very balanced when viewed besides the historical information on that shell type. Also on Tanks.gg I found out that the UK tier 5 Sherman also has M79 ammunition, but as premium ammo, which is non interchangeable vs the standard M79 on the T23E3.


This leads me to my main point of suggestion, for the mid tier's that I listed above that can use the 76mm M1A2 gun as top gun or intermediate gun: change it's standard AP shell type from M62 to M79.

Subsequently changing the special ammo shell type could be considered and I would like to suggest copying the T23E3 and uses HVAP T4 as it's premium shell.


This will benefit:

  • the E8 and E2, giving them back a viable top gun configuration and not making it rely on using the derp 105 to be somewhat viable in 2019 WoT.
  • all other tanks that use the M1A2 as intermediate gun, needed to be grind through to higher tier modules.
  • the T20, for instance, giving it the build options to either go for a 76mm DPM build or it's 90mm top gun for a Alpha dmg build.



TL;DR: change standard shell type of all t6 M1A2 76mm guns, on tier 6 and up tanks (listed below) from: M62 to M79.



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