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AMX 30 B is a bit out of the league.

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ShaKaL98 #1 Posted 07 October 2019 - 08:47 PM


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AMX 30 B in late 2k19 feels a bit weak now that leopard got buffed, and STB got reworked to a new playstyle. Sure,now STB has the slightly more pen, 258, similar yet higher shell speed of 1185m/s, great DPM(better than AMX) ... but the difference is  that  STB got the new hydropneumatic suspension  mechanic like IRL and also has better turret,and can bounce a lot. WG tried to give the AMX the brawler style,to flank and spank but it lacks the armor to do it, and now STB does it better. You planned some changes to the AMX that were quite good in my opinion,making the tank a jack of all trades yet you did not implement them. Now that the buffed mediums do well ingame, maybe you show some love to the frenchie? Would need some help to get back into the competition.

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Thlurp #2 Posted 16 October 2019 - 09:55 AM

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I prefer the amx over STB

STB is supposed to have the stronger turret, but the cupola is huge so in the end the turrets bounce about the same amount

amp got slightly less dpm but without equip its 3130 vs 3170 which is negligible

why I also prefer amx is the better viewrange and better crewlayout (radioman on loader)

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