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Object 416 - a review from an average player

Object 416 Obj.416

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tnk_x5000 #1 Posted 09 October 2019 - 09:54 PM

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      I will admit that this is not one of my most favorite tanks, but it is an interesting one non the less, and lately I have started to really enjoy it more. As I finally made it elite (I researched the T-54 from this tank, back when it was possible), I decided to share my thoughts on this not so typical Soviet medium, which made me interested in the next two tanks in the line.


Object 416
Tier VIII Soviet medium
A Soviet ninja - stealthy like a ninja, but not exactly fighting like a Soviet



The good:

  • Light tank grade camouflage due to pretty low profile
  • Good mobility
  • Great damage per minute
  • Good gun handling

The bad:

  • Armor is only bouncy
  • Limited turret rotation
  • Low health pool
  • 3 deg. of gun depression
  • Expensive standard shells

The average:

  • Identity crisis
  • Accuracy
  • Shell velocity
  • Alpha and penetration
  • View range
  • Engine on the front, rare mounted turret



A Soviet ninja.
      The first thing to know about the Object 416 is the camouflage. The tank is pretty short, so much so that it looks wider than most tanks. This tank is all about stealth and bushes. Playing it with 100% Camouflage skill can make the tank hard to spot while shooting, without using extra concealment buffs or even a Camouflage net. Add to that the good mobility, and the tank will reach positions faster than most other TDs. Needless to say, the mobility will also allow the Object to occasionally out maneuver other tanks, when trying to run or even fight. And we can't forget to mention the 2400 base DPM, which is a result of the 320 damage per shot, where the damage can be delivered on the move.


But it is not your usual Soviet, nor is it a very good fighter.
      The Object 416 is not a brawler - neither the only bouncy armor nor health point pool is enough for that. The tank is pretty much locked in the support role. Trying to brawl will probably end in a quicker destruction than a quick 1000 damage. Terrain is an enemy on its own for the 416, which limits the positions for sniping and causes trouble with more direct supporting. And the tank cannot shoot backwards, which means that if attacked it either has to fight back, or not shoot while running. Or it will have to relocate before all that. Also have in mind the needlessly expensive standard shells, which can cause credit losses without shooting gold.


And a few more things you need to know.
      The tank has an identity crisis. Depending on how you look at the tank, the gun is either borderline overpowered, or borderline under powered. For a tier 8 medium, the gun has overkill DPM, great alpha and great penetration, yet it cannot fight head on and the turret has limited rotation, just like a stealth TD. For a tier 8 TD the gun has bad alpha and bad penetration, and yet the mobility and wide gun arc allow the tank to provide more direct support, just like a medium. This leaves the tank in an in the middle state, where it can do both, but can't do them as good as a specialized tank.

      Standard view range and average accuracy do limit how much distance can the tank keep. However, concealment, mobility and DPM can compensate for all that. Shell velocity may feel a bit slow, especially at distances, but it is workable. Having the engine on the front will probably cause few problems while being shot, because the health points may run out before taking a second or third critical hit.



  1. Stealthy supporter
  2. Passive scout
  3. Flanker, Medium supporter


      Here is the issue with the identity crisis - support in general. Keeping too much distance is problematic for the 0.38 base accuracy and not too fast AP shells. However, the mobility and camouflage will allow the tank to sneak up to positions quickly, while the rate of fire ensures that misses won't hurt too much (as long as you have enough credits to spare), compensating for the problems of the gun. With a DPM of 2400, other tanks do not want to get repeatedly penetrated by the Object 416.

      Again mentioning the camouflage, it can allow the tank to do some great passive spotting. The speed allows the tank to reach spotting positions, and from there it is just waiting for something to light up. This tank can rival and even beat a lot of light tanks in the passive spotting role, which further increases the weight of the tank on the battle in the later stages. 

The Object 416 can only play solo at a distance, but in close combat it is strictly a pack tank. If you prefer playing medium, always do it with company and try not to get aimed at - the wolf pack will be more than happy to have that DPM and alpha working alongside it. Playing solo, it is a good idea to have a backup plan, because the 416 can be an easy prey for a tank with some more armor or some more gun depression.

      The Object 416 has to preserve HP for as long as possible. In a way, it is a jack-of-all-supporting-trades, but it can be quite good in the trades. Early stages are for the main tanks to handle, while the 416 supports from a distance, maybe from a flank, maybe with some spotting. As the battle progresses, some main tanks would be destroyed, opening holes in the team's roles. Scouting can become more vital, the enemy may have a tank count advantage, but a health disadvantage, there may be a choke somewhere on the battle field. It is time to relocate to snipe and/or spot elsewhere or join the battle to give direct support. Low health enemies can be quick frags with the 320 alpha and 2400 DPM, while the camouflage will keep the tank hard to track down. And even if it is visible, it is probably picking on distracted enemies.

      Having the limited turret traverse is something that has only caused me problems in some cases. Learning how to work around it is important, but shouldn't be too hard, as the tank is a supporter - it is about shooting without getting shot back too much. This happens in the same cases when the tank's gun is pointing where the hull is pointing. I must also mention, that this tank is not a reliable side-scraper, despite the rare mounted turret. But even then, if you are side-scraping, you are either not really supporting or you are already picking on distracted/reloading enemies.

      With all that said, this tank remains a supporting tank regardless of what tiers it fights with. It cannot carry the battle when top tier due to the armor and health pool. In such cases you should not play main tank, even if there are only support tanks in your tier. It is always about letting the battle develop on its own.

      Fighting against it, you need to know that the Object 416 almost certainly has better DPM than you and it may be watching you. In a one-on-one fight, you will have to exploit the tank's bad gun depression, the limited turret traverse, only bouncy armor and low health points pool. Or rather, just exploit the low health points pool. It and the unreliable armor make the 416 an easy prey for many tanks. And on top of that, the Object cannot fight back while retreating, unless it is going to move backwards. And did I mention how the tank has 3 deg. of gun depression?

      A disclaimer here - the 416 is a rather rare tank, and I have not seen other such tanks to have had a lot of impact on battles, so I cannot say if it should be a priority target if spotted. For me, this is one tank that is only as good as the player controlling is good and resourceful.


Obj. 416 versus the rest
      This is a hard one. Having limited turret traverse has a big impact on the tank's play style. Although there are other support mediums in tier 8, the Obj. 416 on its own is a mix of light tank camouflage, tank destroyer gun movement and medium tank mobility leaving it as the odd one out of the tier 8 mediums.


Tank building


  • Commander -> Brothers in Arms -> 6th sense -> Camouflage
  • Gunner -> Brothers in Arms -> Camouflage -> Snapshot
  • Driver -> Brothers in Arms -> Camouflage -> Off-road Driving / Clutch braking
  • Loader -> Brothers in Arms -> Camouflage -> ...


      Crew skills are first about camouflage and then about other things. Knowing the passive and stealthy nature of the tank, mobility and view range shouldn't be the main priority, but should be the second thing to improve. When building a new crew in the tank, the first skills should be 6th Sense and Camouflage. Later continue with Brothers in Arms and after that you can continue with improving mobility and view range.



  • Improved Ventilation
  • Gun Rammer
  • Optics/Binocular


      I will argue that the camouflage of the tank is already good enough, so a Camouflage Net is not really needed. This tank will be switching roles at some point in the battle, and scouting is not all about camouflage and the gun is not all about shooting from a distance, therefore it is better to improve the view range and the gun's performance. Vertical Stabilizer is also an option, but I think the tank's gun handling is good enough on its own, and it would be better to have the extra DPM and view range to make the tank more flexible when switching roles. Personally I prefer Binoculars, because I either play passively shooting and spotting, or get into fights, where view range is not needed. But I will admit, that Optics do work better in other cases, so it is a matter of personal gameplay.


      I use the standard set of consumables (Small Repair Kit, Fire Extinguisher, Small First Aid Kit). Having the small health pool in mind, you may consider using Extra Combat Rations - the tank may not live long enough to fix itself after getting shot anyway. I can also recommend a Large Repair Kit, because shots that hit the front track wheel at an angle, can break both it and the engine.


Stock grind:


Would I recommend the Object 416?
      Going towards the tank, you should know that it is not similar to the A-43 and it is in no way an A-44. The gameplay makes a sudden change from a pure brawler to a pure supporter, making the line inconstant. With that said, recommending the tank is difficult. You won't find your usual Soviet fighter, nor a usual tank destroyer, and the gameplay can be punishing for newer players. But if you like more unusual tanks, which award resourcefulness, or you are just good at adapting to tanks, I can recommend it to you to give it a try.


Would I ask for a re-balance?
      Yes and no. The way the tank is right now is what gives it its identity. If I had to suggest any buffs, they would be at the cost of rate of fire, which alone makes the tank what it is. But even then, the tank's identity is in a crisis. A re-balance would either turn the tank into a regular tank destroyer, or a regular brawler. However, if this tank is to get buffed in a way that would preserve it's character, it would become overpowered. Yet, I do think a little extra accuracy would come in handy (0.36 maybe?).


A couple of links:


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