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The Thing About Ranked Battles...

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TungstenHitman #1 Posted 10 October 2019 - 11:58 AM

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So, there's a new season coming. Thing is though, and correct me if I'm wrong(often am), this was always supposed to be a battle mode where personal skill and performance was to be the measuring stick on who gets chevrons and who doesn't etc. And yet, the last time I played it, which was indeed my first time, the offering was a team based competition the same as randoms so immediately from the start it was clear that it wasn't so much about personal performance and the chevron allocation was heavily dictated by the result achieved as a team, not so much a personal rating.


Sure, the breakdown of chevrons within the team was based on personal performance to a degree, but it left the door open for "dirty tactics" in which a player/players could make 1 or 2 shots then cap fast if the opportunity was there and finish top since of course the battle would end, be a win and they were the only ones who did anything so therefore took all the spoils while some poor sap lost chevrons haven done nothing wrong lol. Opportunist moments for purposeful blocking, blocking your teammates shots so they don't get any damage, letting teammates die on purpose so they're not going to overtake your efforts.... you name it, it happened lol... purely accidentally of course :hiding: 


Of course, because this was team based and result based, it led to some hefty amounts of negative play and frustrating play if you wanted to try and make things happen and play positively, whereby your negative team camp hard from the off, you try and make a push rather than sow the seeds of defeat like they are, you die, we all lose as a team and yet they were happy just to lose so long as they saved a chevron while you lose a chevron trying to make positive play, so it was frustrating at times. There was a lot wrong with the offering and it became more about playing tactfully to the meta and not so much about personal performance or skill. Personal performance, as usual, became more about low risk play, farming damage and out lasting your teammates, even though WG did try and break that by adding class bonuses... not sure it ever really worked though.


So, what I would love to see, and please add your thoughts on this and how this would be fairly implemented, a non team solo based offering. A new map and more like a Fortnite meta and to a lessor extent, something a bit like Steel Hunter, only with lessons learned from Steel Hunter. What do you guys think? Could that work in this tank game? What tanks would be used, just one? Or indeed, how could the current team based offering ever be changed to fairly reward personal performance. Sure, not factoring the result is an easy start, that way winning and losing rightfully isn't a factor but it still can't be broken down to damage dealt and ultimately anything that will keep giving rise to camping hard, dirty tactics and basically stuff that isn't really about skill and personal performance?

Jumping_Turtle #2 Posted 10 October 2019 - 12:24 PM

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I have seen some streamer who was in a won battle and he let himself get killed by a friend on the enemy team, so both had a better chance on a chevron.

No matter what Wargaming comes up with, players will try and find out the bounderies or just plain cross them.


Perhaps those modes where it should be about personal achievement are the showcase to not show any playernames ingame.

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