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[ 1.6.1.x ] deh0mbre's "RENEWED" field garage powered by "Sgt_Krollnikow51"

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Sgt_Krollnikow51 #1 Posted 14 October 2019 - 04:11 PM

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Hello friends of the awesome Remodells of "desh0mbre" !

I've made the decision to open this thread to give all fans (like me) of "desh0mbre's" nice Remodells

a new "home" where you can find all Remodells in an easy to find way !

First, you shall find all functional Remods of him here.

I shall try to revive all Remods of "desh0mbre" in the future,

and the help of "goofy67" and "JUERGEN_x" will make this possible.

With their help the Remodells should be compatibel with WoT 1.6.1.x  and later versions.

This Thread is dedicated to the author of  the Remodells he made for us !

Please note: All remodells which are made to work together with "atacms"  UML Mod, can be used without  this mod.

Just install only the "mods " folder. But all Animations made by the UML mod will be lost.


The Remod for the russian TD  "Objekt 268 V4 UML" only works  WITH  the UML mod installed !!!!

If not, you will get heavy texture issues !!!

15:18 Added after 6 minute

German tank Remodells

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  "Maus" super heavy tank

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  "Maus" super heavy tank -panzergrey-

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Jagdpanzer E100

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  E-100 "goodman12 - Algiz"

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Premium TD Rheinmetal  "Scorpion"

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Panther 8,8cm (Panther F)

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Panther - Schmalturm

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  PzKw.V "Panther "

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  PzKw.V Panther  "E.Barkmann"

Dehombre's  "RENEWED"  PzKw.VI  Tiger II  w. my skin  of  PzDiv. Müncheberg

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  PzKw.VI "Tiger II                                                                   

Dehombre's  "RENEWED"  PzKw.VII  "Löwe"                                                                   

Dehombre's  "RENEWED"  PzKw.VII  "Löwe" w. my skin of Pz.Gr. "Paderborn"  

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  PzKw.VII

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  PzKw.VII  "Panzergrau" 

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Grille 15 

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Grille 15  "Panzergrau"

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Jagdtiger - UML

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Jagdtiger - UML  w. Skin from Otto Carius

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Jagdpanzer  "Ferdinand"




American tank Remodells

Deh0mbre's   "RENEWED"   T57 UML   heavy tank




Italian tank Remodells

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Progetto M35 mod.46




UDSSR Remodells

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Objekt 263

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Objekt 704

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Obj268 V4 UML




French tank Remodells

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  AMX Mle 1954

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  AMX50B

British tank Remodells

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Centurion Action X

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Super Conqueror

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Centurion MK3 (MK7/1)




Swedish tank Remodells

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  Kranvagn



Czech tank Remodells

Deh0mbre's  "RENEWED"  T50/51





All other Remods from "desh0mbre" are not compatibel with the current WoT version !


Edited by Sgt_Krollnikow51, 18 October 2019 - 10:08 PM.

CrazyHussars #2 Posted 15 October 2019 - 02:07 PM


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"Deh0mbre's" models is one of the best.


Also I like to play with this models and changing parts between them , thanks to Universal Model Loader from "atcms"

versions for my FV4202:

Dehombre's Turret + Miruku FV4202 Hull
Dehombre's Turret + T95 Chieftain Hull - with or without skirts

Chieftain Turret + T95 Chieftain Hull - with or without skirts

I put in attachments some screen shots.

It would be great to made some stand alone models with this variations.

Attached Files

  • Attached File   Dehombre-Turret-FV4202--Miruku-Hull-01.jpg   148.93K
  • Attached File   Dehombre-Turret-Chieftain-Hull-02.jpg   148.63K
  • Attached File   Dehombre-Turret-Chieftain-Hull-Skirts-01.jpg   148.36K
  • Attached File   Dehombre-Turret-Chieftain-Hull-01.jpg   148.88K
  • Attached File   Chieftain-Turet-FV4201-Hull-01.jpg   147.75K
  • Attached File   Chieftain-Turet-FV4201-Hull-02.jpg   148.25K
  • Attached File   Chieftain-T95.jpg   149.73K

Sgt_Krollnikow51 #3 Posted 15 October 2019 - 03:09 PM

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Wow, looks pretty cool :B

But I'm sorry to day that, but I only make skins and I have refreshed the Texturefiles of the Remodells. All other stuff, xml and modellfiles, were updated by "goofy67" and in the future maybe by "Juergen_x" also.

So maybe "atacms" the Author of the great UML Mod, could help you out with this.

But nevertheless your combinations you did looking awesome mate :honoring:

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