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Pls add option to disable 5x XP vehicle independent missions

missions bonus vehicle crew

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vonTreppenwitz #1 Posted 15 October 2019 - 02:30 PM


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Dear WOT guys,


first let me state that you do a great job in making WOT an eSport attractive to spectators. We all benefit.


However this is a free to play issue I try to make clear. 

In a past sale I bought a couple of vehicle indpendent 5x XP boost packs. So I have a big pile of 227 of them.

Packages bought in financially better times for me where I did care less about further spending on WOT.


Once you have purchased any vehicle independent 5x XP boost package your options to raise credits are:

- buy the credits for gold / cash (preserving the 5x XP missions)

- invest the 5x XP boost in a premium tank crew (rather than the tech tree crew of a clan war meta vehicle your clan demands)

- use gold to convert the free XP on the premiium tank (more valueabe XP better used to free elite equipment rather than tree ech tree tanks)


So I cannot just grind credits w/o some sacrifice.

Sure, I do get excactly that promised bonus. But on vehicles where I don't need it or for crews of wrong class or nation.

I don't want to talk or think through this topic for my tank choice nitty-picky each round with my platoon mates.

Credit grind tank vs XP grind tank is at best a very simple choice.


My big stockpile of these booster missions bogs me down the more credits are needed for high tier tanks.

Sacrifices between credits and XP feels a bit out of my control here.


Overall the vehicle independent boost packages are the best time saving boost option. 

Pls. consider to relieve their unwanted side effects soon to make them the amazing buy or gift they do deserve to be. 


Thx for your time

















Negativvv #2 Posted 20 November 2019 - 02:14 PM


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WoT is an attractive esport?! :amazed:

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