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[FIVE] would like to recruit english speaking guys <3


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_HeZeR_is_BeAsT_ #1 Posted 20 October 2019 - 08:48 AM


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[FIVE] before clear Czechspeaking clan is looking for english speaking part of community 

-We have about 20 places 

-It will be team with all players on tank in campain (last campain under my leading all 19 players of my team had tanks)

-English part of clan is going just by me so if u are interested in u can write just me or leader 


What we can offer to you:

-everyday battlepayments and other clan bonusses (16:00-00:00)

-stabil clan 

-everyday SHs

-chill comunity which respect working players 

-and I am here what is more xDDDD


What we require from you:

-activity is on first place (cca 15000 boxes/month)

-wn: 2000+ (recent 2500+)

(( exception when u have 1900 wn u have 3000 recent thats no problem))

-min 3 CW tanks (T95/chiefftain, Obj-907, Obj-140, EBR, OBJ-277, Obj-279,...)

If you are interested in contact me: (ingame or on our TS) _HeZeR_is_BeAsT_

or in better way cmon on our TeamSpeak:


Than you for your time and GL & HF 

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