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Obsolete medals?


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Ezzem #1 Posted 27 October 2019 - 10:31 PM


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In the past, WOT deactivated a few medals, e.g. 'Sniper' (Battle Heroes) and 'Capturer' (Stage Awards). They were moved to the 'Special' medals.

Not so long ago, WOT made again some modifications with consequences for the medals:

1) There are no team battles any more, so it's not possible any more to get the following medals:

- War Genius (Battle Heroes)

- Wolf among Sheep (Battle Heroes)

- Tactical Genius (Honorary Ranks)

- Will-to-Win Spirit (Honorary Ranks)

- Promising Fighter (Honorary Ranks)

- Heavy Fire (Honorary Ranks)

- Fighting Reconnaissance (Honorary Ranks)

- Fire and Steel (Honorary Ranks)

- Crucial Shot (Honorary Ranks)

- Ranger (Honorary Ranks)

- Guerrilla (Honorary Ranks)

- Achille's Heel (Honorary Ranks)

- Brute Force (Honorary Ranks)

- Pyromaniac (Honorary Ranks)

- Sentinel (Honorary Ranks)

- Vanquisher (Honorary Ranks)

- Armored Fist (Group Awards)

- Scorched Earth (Commemorative Tokens)

- King of the Hill (Commemorative Tokens)

- God of War (Commemorative Tokens)

- For Tactical Operations (Stage Awards)

- Battle Tested (Stage Awards)

2) Team damage is not possible any more => I don't think it's possible to get the commemorative token 'Lucky' any more.


So in my opinion at least 23 other medals should be moved to 'Special' ...


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