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Pay and Pay to win

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vV_RaMbLeR_Vv #1 Posted 02 November 2019 - 12:33 AM


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We the North African players of World of Tanks. We cannot use VISA or MASTERCARD cards (the laws of certain countries), to buy Gold we use SMS our only way.

I am Tunisian, taking this example that shows the problem (in the following TD it is the currency in Tunisia: Tunisian Dinar):

An SMS cost 1.44 TD=100 Gold, so the cost of a premium month with SMS equal 36 TD equivalent to 11.25€ perfect until then.

Suddenly you upset the previous equation!!!!

The cost of an SMS will become 1.44 TD=50 Gold, so the cost of a premium month with SMS will be 72 TD equivalent to 22.5€

This is totally illogical... you risk losing a lot of customers and players, who have no other source to buy premium. 


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