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Turtle I - Complete POS

Turtle premium

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miloshov84 #21 Posted 16 November 2019 - 01:21 PM


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View PostNishi_Kinuyo, on 03 November 2019 - 09:11 PM, said:

Milo, have you tried gitting gud before blaming a tank?

Or is this you?

Have you tried to get a brain before you write?

miloshov84 #22 Posted 16 November 2019 - 01:39 PM


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View Post_SpartanWarrior_, on 03 November 2019 - 09:32 PM, said:

its perfectly balanced. - No, it is not

speed: Why? Most british tanks are slow,also every non-turreted TD tier6+ is slow for british,especially the Tortoise - I was not asking for speed, I was mentioning it because it is one of the downsides, wich this tank have many imo.

Tortoise=Turtle. Tortoise is slow,makes sense. - This does not have anything to do with the topic.

Penetration:Learn to aim and you will penetrate,learn some tricks. You got only 10k battles,so that could be the problem. - I really do not think that you should be saying this...

Accuracy: Sorry you want a tank with 1.2sec aim time and 0.25 dispersion at 100m? then go buy the Leopard 1. Its accuracy is fine, with modules its even better. - Nonsense... 

You do not need to own a tank to say if its good or not. - Yes, you do...

Also 6.33sec reload time,come on dude,330 alpha - ???

Its perfecto balanced,its also not really meant to fight against HTs - Yes, it is.

Try to git gud before blaming a tank/wg for making it. - Try to learn English... 

Conclusion: Some like the tank,some not. You cannot say; AHH ITS BAD DO NOT BUY IT!!! - Yes, I can because I own it. One day when you spend your money to buy a tank you will see... 

long story short, git gud. - Long story short, learn to write.

252u is not really very useful in all games. - Agree

Its very easy to not pen a tier X because of its mediocre accuracy - That was one of the points. Good for you.


Armor: Try to angle your tank,not just be 0* - Thanks didn't know that. 

it can rotate its gun by 20* so yeah. everything you listed here as bad is wrong. - Again, nonsense...


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View Postxx984, on 04 November 2019 - 02:46 AM, said:









that's a good joke


thanks :)

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View Postxx984, on 05 November 2019 - 08:44 AM, said:

Is it a decent tank? Sure. 


Ill get this out of the way now, The gun is bad. Alpha damage doesn't make it a good gun. Only ever really effective when right up in enemies faces, and even then its not reliable. 


Secondly. Its armour is only really good vs tier 8 standard ammo, and lower tiers. And even then its scattered with weakspots. Huge lowerplate being a weakspot for tier 8 tanks. the 2 pretty easy to hit cupolas and the ricochet spot on the gun mantle which any low tier tank can pen with ease. Which is amplified by the fact you have to get so close to even have a chance of hitting the enemies yourself making them even easier to hit and pen. 


The tank solely relies on the armour to work. Which when its top tier is good/average dependant on the map due to another restricting feature being the gun depression. But when its equal, or bottom tier can't hold up that well anyway unless the enemies shooting you have the mental capacity of a wet flannel. 


The 50TP Prototpye is a far superior tank. Just as good armour, Very similar gun, Extra gun depression, Harder to hit cupolas. Even a very old tank like the Lowe is better in most cases. Sure it sacrifices some armour, But it has a vastly superior gun. Even then the Lowe is still pretty bouncy if you put in some effort. 



The 252U is one of those tanks the community has completely over hyped, To the point where its actually pretty misleading for people looking at this when thinking of purchasing it expecting an OP tank. The same was done with the T26E5, E25, etc you get the picture. Sure none of those tanks are bad. But they certainly are not broken OP. 

I completely agree with you here. 


My point with Turtle was that it is not balanced well even for tier VIII. His armor is ok if the enemy does not know where to shoot, but gun handling and armor penetration are big problems since it is TD after all.

Today I was sitting in from of VK 100, shooting for drivers hatch on the top of the cupola, on the side of the cupola and lower plate. I managed to pen 2 shots form 10 or 12. About 8 of them were APCR (GOLD).

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_SpartanWarrior_ #23 Posted 17 November 2019 - 01:42 AM

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1. Git gud. (Saying it this way is NOT not knowing English,so use your brain.)

2. You are mostly making nonsense.

3. Nearly no TD are supposed to go with the HT line and fight against heavies,but to hide in bushes. There are some exceptions though. (Jgpz e100,T95..)

If you knew that you should not be 0*, then you would not say that its armor is bad.

No you can not say buy or not,because ITS YOUR OPINION! Some like,some do not.

I did not say that Turtle has mediocre accuracy,but Defender,my bad.

Its gun rotation arc is not nonsense, if you can turn your gun 20* then angle your hull to 10*

Saying something about someone's battles is not against the rules, Mr. Policeman :facepalm:

Also member since 2016,no wonder you are talking all nonsense.


Edit: How is its gun handling bad? 1.83 aim time and 0.33 dispersion at 100m. (STOCK)

For Penetration,i can 50/50 agree

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