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S-51: a keeper or not?

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quakerxncx #1 Posted 09 November 2019 - 05:20 PM


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1) is the s-51 a keeper or not? or is the tier8 better? (as i will play the s-51 anyway for missions i will probably get it elited, so i will be able to buy the t8 arty, but is it worth it or should I stay with the t7 arty?)

2) Which gun should I play? The 152 or the 203?

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Darth_Clicker #2 Posted 10 November 2019 - 05:15 PM

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Let me begin by saying that I have never owned the S-51.  I have played it on CT servers though and I have played the other tier 7 SU-14-1 a lot and I think they are a bit similar especially concerning the guns.  The SU-14-1 does have a different stock gun, but it has 3 guns with the top two being the same as the S-51.  The only difference in the two 152mm guns on the two artys is that the su-14-1 has slightly faster aim time: 5.08 vs 5.18 seconds.  Having clarified my experience, I think the 152mm gun is the way to go.  I have played with both the 152mm and the 203mm and found that I got better overall results, damage dealt and assisted damage(tracked and stun), with the 152mm than the 203mm.  The reload time on the 203mm was just too long and the 152mm has almost 600 more dpm than the 203mm.  


I think the tier 8 is definitely much better than the tier 7.  The top gun (203mm--same as the top gun on the S-51/SU-14-1--) has a 9 second faster reload on the SU-14-2 than the S-51.  As I stated in another thread, the SU-14-2 is definitely one of my favorites as I have a 55% win rate after 2556 battles.  It works really well for me and I can recommend it.  


The tier 9 is also very good and is an improvement over the tier 8.  


You can always wait until the next Common Test Server and try the tier 8-10 for yourself and see if they are good for you.  


I have several ACE tanker battles in the su-14-1, su-14-2 on WOT Replays.

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