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My Top 10 Most Feared Tank's in WoT!

no ghost only tanks scary stuff because reasons my opinion

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SGT_Sprocket22 #1 Posted 12 November 2019 - 10:30 PM

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In WoT, there is a hidden and unwritten stat that every tank has that every player knows about. I call this the Fear Factor. It's the ability of turning heads and causing enemies to hide or stopping a lemming train in its tracks. Usually because of extreme firepower, impossible armour, and/or the ability to change the course of the battle. Well, this is my opinion on the top 10 most feared tanks in the game and perhaps other agree. I invite those who disagree to post below and maybe share what tanks they fear the most.


10. Cruiser Mark. 2

The Tier 3 version of the KV-2, this tank can be pretty scary to go up against when in a tier 2-3 tank, especially versus the 3.7 inch howitzer which can easily one shot tier 2 tanks and most tier 3 tanks as well. Admittedly, the Cruiser 2 has very bad armour and moves like a brick so it's not hard to kill but still, 94mm guns with 370 damage are extremely rare at this tier and can ruin the game of even a tier 4 or 5 tank.


9. SU-100Y

A Tier 6 TD armed with a 130mm gun with up to 500 damage a shot is not to be trifled with. A Tier 6 TD that can 1 shot tier 4 tanks, potentially 1 shot tier 5 tanks and possibly 1 shot tier 6 tanks though, well forget the trifle. Quietly leave the buffet and hit the gym.


8. ISU-152

An oldie but a goodie. Definitely more relevant to the more mature player (meaning a player who remembers the good or bad old days of WoT), the ISU-152 was one of those tank's that could hold the line and smack 700 hit points out of anyone who dared to step into it's line of fire. In a tier 6 or 7 tank, losing 700 health combined with module damage and dead crew would be a death sentence, meaning the ISU-152 was best avoided at all costs.


7. FV304

I think Bert the Avenger is a strong contender but for different reasons previously mentioned because Bert isn't powerful. It's a small arty with a small arty gun with limited arty range. What it is though is annoying, a real pain in the backside. Bert can stop even the most powerful tank from advancing due to it's perma track ability. Bert can hit target hiding behind rocks and buildings. Bert can run away from danger faster than some light tanks. ISU-152 is more scary than Bert but only because ISU-152 has to face it's enemy head on. Bert is more feared because it can hit it's enemy again and again from a safe distance, relocate and then hit some more.


6. T30

The T30, a heavy tank by the way, not a TD. There aren't many turreted tanks in this game with a gun as powerful as this one gets and there certainly aren't many tanks that want to get hit by it either. I think this tank is feared because it excels where the T95 can't; hills, flanking enemies, mobility. It's a T95 with a turret basically.


5. Type 5 Heavy

A controversial tank with a controversial gun, the Type 5 can deal punishment to even the most well armoured tank and no one likes that, not even Maus drivers. With robust armour, large health pool and a punchy gun, the Type 5 can hold the line even against multiple enemies.


4. KV-2

While the Type 5 can hurt any tank it faces, the KV-2 can actually 1 shot stuff. And that's basically it.


3. T95

Currently my second favourite tank, the T95 is an impenetrable fortress with a 155mm gun. The very sight of a T95 is enough to discourage the enemy from pushing and I know from experience why that is. The gun is powerful, I mean really powerful. It's the same gun seen on the T30 but unlike that tank, the T95 version of the 155mm is just better. The T95 is just one of those tanks that can stabilize an otherwise vulnerable situation.     


2. Jagdpanzer E100

A big gun with big alpha damage and high penetration attached to a big tank with strong armour. This is the Jageroo, an infamous TD that can cause lower tier tanks to flee in terror and can force even the most courageous opponent to think twice.


1. The Death Star

Tank's don't get nicknames for no reason, the FV215b 183 is no exception. No other tank can cause so much fear to so many enemies as quickly as this tank can, because everyone knows, don't they. When the Death Star shoots, some poor bugger is about to have his/her game ruined, if not ended right there. And because no one want's to be that poor bugger, no one will risk getting shot by it. Which means, sometimes, if half the enemy team were to stubble upon a Death Star, they will all crap themselves and take cover or retreat.        



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