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[A-TAC] Recruiting - a new clan with skilled leadership, aiming for competitive domination

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FjordFire #1 Posted 14 November 2019 - 11:55 AM


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[A-TAC] Is now recruiting! Get in on the ground-floor!

Our clan name has not 100% been determined yet, and currently it's Ahmed's Tactical - this is an internal joke since one of our guys used to call himself "iinfidel", and Achmed the terrorist goes "silence! I kill you!" and what not. But yeah, pay not too much attention to this, it will be more professional!


What are we looking for?

* Dedicated people - but you don't have to play every day. You play when you can and want.

* People willing to improve as/with a team. - WN8 does not matter too much - I've previously led a team with even orange and red players to top 3 positions in wargaming touraments, and total domination on the old game-mode Tank Companies.

* Comrades. - We want a friendly atmosphere. My style of Field Commanding does not include a lot of yelling at people and disrespectfulness.

* Respect of your clanmembers. - We try to refrain from a-hole and defeatist attitudes. Also elitist ones.

* YOU! ...?

(on the lowkey side, we do prefer people with 50% wins or better, and 1000 WN8 or more, just to know that you can handle the basics, and do not need to be taught too much. However, if you show dedication and a will to remain on the team, we will show dedication towards you aswell as an asset we can invest time in to help improve.)


What can we offer?

* Skilled leadership with 10 000+ battles under the belt myself when it comes to field commanding.

* Respectful treatment, as long as you yourself are a person that shows respect towards your team. We do not tolerate c-word type people and a-holes.

* An easygoing atmosphere, where we can play together and have a good time, without a lot of stress and nervousness to perform.

* Stronghold domination! (in time, first we must build our team.)

* And much more!


We are currently allied with two other clans that have many good members and players, that I myself as a commander have been a part of. They will help us to fill in manpower when we need it for strongholds in our early days, while we grow our ranks. We expect it will take a few weeks before we are fully operational, but we'll be dedicated from day one, and play a lot together as a team. Not to brag, but I have gotten a lot of praise as a commander in the past, and I do intend to keep giving people reasons to give this praise. I get better every day, like most other people do, and we intend to work on improving together, and get everyone, regardless of WN8 up to competitive par.

I can write endlessly, but give us a try, and stick around until we get enough members to properly claim our mark in the game, and you shall not regret it.

We are worth your time! Be worth ours, and you will find yourself in a team you will love to be in, as soon as we get established.


Fjord out.

Oh, and I will leave you with a couple of videos I made for our old clan in tank companies, "endorsed" by The Mighty Jingles himself. (keep in mind these videos are from the 2012 version of the game, so fairly dated.)


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