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Preset Camo Request

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TungstenHitman #1 Posted 17 November 2019 - 12:31 PM

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A friendly request at WG devs, assuming any of them get feedback from these forums.



1. Can game devs kindly adjust the preset camo setting so that we can just select the camo's we have and it gets applied to that tank without displaying an "Applied to another vehicle" notice which forces us to have to go and remove it from that other tank which might not be in our current shortlist. I know it's not a monumentally big task to change around camos but to me it seems like a needless and pointless chore where one could just simply apply the desired camo to the current tank of preference without having to go off and select the tank its currently on, remove it, select the target tank again, apply it... would just be really nice to not have to do that.


2. Show what the current selected tank will look like with the various preset camo options we own/renting but without having to remove them from the tank its currently on in order to do so. I like to see how some presets look on various tanks and see which ones look best on each tank but currently we cannot do so without firstly removing them from the tanks they are on, we can only apply the preset camo's that are not being used.


I don't think it's to be a deal to make that happen and I think we can do the above request with standard camo's before we purchase them so.... hopefully it's an easy fix and while this option might be a feature of some mod, I really don't like downloading mods and they seem to have to be updated with every patch etc so I'd really just like for it to be an option feature included by WG.


Kinds regards.


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