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Feedback about 2019 from a BETA player

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NeoZe #1 Posted 17 November 2019 - 02:29 PM


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Dear WOT-Developer,


Lets share some feedback about world of tanks and its current status. Lot has happened in 2019 and implemented. But it all depends about the quality, how stuff and balance ect got implemented and well… in some cases they failed to deliver.


Lets talk about the core mechanic, obviously the most important feature in the game, the matchmaker.

Yes, its no secret, you have changed it 2 or 3 times this year and it always got better, no doubt. Before the game was totally, really totally broken bad. Today its still broken and offers lot of room for imporvements.

To make the matchmaker a good one, you need to change how its works drastically. Currently, the more players are online, the higher the chance being bottom tier. Sounds strange but that’s the way the current matchmaker works. If you play at “primetimes” you always get into even or higher tier battles, 90-95% of all games. The last 2 matchmaker changes only worked for t8 and t6. This two tiers where the worst in terms of matchmaking, before the changes, you where practicaly always bottom tier. Today, if you play t8 you are praticaly most times even tier or vs t9 tanks. Its rare playing versus t10 and still extremely rare, being top tier! Tier 6 seriously improved, you are not facing t8 tanks that much anymore.

But now, tier 5 and tier 7 are totally broken, after the changes. Tier 7 now is absolutely broken and unplayable. Tier 5 depending on what time you play. At primetime you are always bottom tier if you play late night, you have good changes being top tier. And this szenario works for all tiers so far. If you play late night, outside of the primetime, your changes being top tier are very good.

And that’s the main issue with the current matchmaking, it doesn’t work at primetime at all, where most players are online at the same time. Then it starts to throw you into even or top tier games most of the time.

But the matchmaker goes hand in hand with game balancing. And because we have a “new” meta today, the game is even more broken and its even harder to make a good matchmaking with a +-2 tier spreading. Honestly its impossible currently if you don’t change the tier spreading to +-1 down.

The new meta is totally garbage and most people are complaining about it. The games are way to fast over, all feels like super arcade like, QQ battles, where everyone is rushing and stomping. The reason for it is simple explained: We have this super stupid wheeled tanks, that are fun to play BUT totally bad for the gamebalance and quality of the matches. Second issue, armor became obsolete, because everyone is using special ammo or the penetration values of standard guns became so damn high, that you can easily penetrate every tank. I have to add, because of this stupid aiming circle, that shows you with green, yellow, red the chances to penetrate, this made it all even worse.

So I totally suggest, to remove this aiming help, the armor indicator, that helps you find out, where you can penetrate or not. It honestly is the most devastating feature in the game currently! I guess the planned Ammunition changes could be really very good for the game and solve a lot of balancing issues, while it will totally open new once, like for tanks, that are depending on special ammo because there low pen-values.

So in short, the game needs to slow down a lot, to improve the fun and the quality of the matches. The game needs to stop, telling you, where you have to shoot with this idiotic armor indicator. People need to learn and know, where to aim, this always was one of the best features in the game! And being at even or bottom tier, still frustrates so damn much, happens in 95% of all cases, no matter what tier you play.

About map design, well you should reconsider your strategy completely. Instead of making some maps better for some roles and worse for others, you should find way, to make all maps equal for all tank roles (as far as it is possible). This already happened with a few maps and this changes improved the quality and fun of this maps extremely.

Also, remove this super small maps, like widepark, mines ect from mid and high tier games or make bigger varianst of them, for higher tiers. Scaling size maps already happening in many games, like battlefield ect. The higher the tiers, the higher the viewrange, speed, penetrations ect… so it would help the game a damn lot, if you try to find solutions for small maps at higher tiers.

One of the most rewarding and fun tiers (in terms of gameplay and maps), totally is playing low tiers. Only +-1 tier spreading, you have perfect, small maps and its just so incredible fun. There you made so many, perfect changes, that seriously addet lot of quality in terms of gameplay and fun! It would be fun, to have more maps, smaller variants of other maps, taking place at low tier battles. As example, a small version of malinovka or prokorovka ect.


But on the other side, you punish players for playing low tiers. THIS totally is not acceptable and not smart at the same time. There is a damn huge community out there, that love to play lower or mid tiers, just because higher tiers are so very broken and unbalanced today. But by playing lower tiers, you are punishing players, because most of the missions and rewards are only available at mid and high tiers. This just sucks! Why don’t we get this random, merit rewards at low tiers aswell? Just make the chances lower there, whatever.

But why ffs you punish us for playing tanks and tiers, we love most? Obviously, you are forcing people to play tier 8, because its where You can make the most profit out of, that’s so very unserious. I don’t mind, paying 50€ for a tier 3 premium tank, as long as its NOT overpowered but still very good. So why you make low tiers so “unwanted”.

Frontline, what can I say… just insane good job! It also solves a lot of meta issues. You can play all t8 tanks, you have endless respawns, you have huge maps with objectives and EVERY tank role can shine. Frontline is an incredible good step forward. Sure, we could need more maps or at least more variants of objectives per maps. A rework for Normandy also is needed, could need more bushes and some cases flattening the landscape, remove some useless rocks or make them accessible, to make the map feel more unique. Good job so far!


The changes with the premium account, the opportunity to ban maps ect… all crazy nice stuff, GJ!

I love the way, you where rebalancing tanks, all turned out being good and not overpowered (despite the French Tier X Tank Destroyer FOCH)


So my wish for 2020:

1.       Stop punishing players for playing low tier vehicles. At least, put some more love into it and give them also the chance, to get missions and merits, rewards, you can only get at tier 4+ ect. You can decrease the chances there, that’s fine… but stop forcing players into higher tiers, that’s not fair and not smart.

2.       Take a huge focus on reworking and rethinking map-balance and map creation. Every map should be available in 2 or 3 sizes. Small variants (for tier 1-3), a standard variant (for tier 4-7) and big variants (for tier 8-10). OR you make the big variants only available for tier 10 exclusive. And pls rework maps in a way, so every class can shine in it. If you feel forced to ban maps, because they are bad for a specific role, you have done it ALL wrong, that’s a no go in game development. People should ban maps, because they just don’t like them, but not because they have decreased or little changes playing there preferred roles on it. Think about it. Also remove small maps for high tier battles that makes the game feel like a cheap, stupid arcade smartphone game. (Could be solved with the different size variation of the maps, as I explained)

3.       Remove the Armor Indicator in the Aiming Circle. It realy hurts the game so damn much, if you can already see, while aiming, if you can penetrate or not… This hurts world of tanks as much, as the dungeon browser in world of Warcraft did. This should ALL be about player skills and experience, not about some stupid, arcade aiming helps.

4.       Pls try to find ways for the matchmaker, to not throw us into high tier battles so frequently. Its okay, if we find ourselfs 80% of all times in equal tier matches! Maybe remove the +-1 tier spreading, because 3 tier 10 players are sealclubbing, shredding through tier 8 tanks. This is by far the most imbalanced situation. The second worst is tier 6 vs tier 8, where  3 tier 8 tanks can easy carry the whole game. The gap between tier 6 and 8, or even worse, between 8 and 10 became so incredible big over the years, that its anything like fair or balanced at all.



In Short, what would help the game improve the most is reworking all maps, being equal for all tank roles AND make map sizes dynamically to tiers, so low tiers get the smalles variants of maps while high tiers the biggest once.


In my opinion, the world of warships team shows much more love in terms of gameplay compared to the world of tanks team. This game, is all about matchmaking and map design. And the last part, seriously needs some totally new thinking and reworks, because the map generates 90% of the fun and the feeling, atmosphere of the game.

If you have to play tier 10 tanks at small maps, this seriously feels like a cheap, stupid browsergame, nothing more!


Hope my feedback helps. You made so damn many good moves in 2019 and iam quit sure, if you put some love into map design the next months, this game could be so very great in the end. (Despite all the issues I talked about, that need to be solved aswell) I cant wait to get the rework of ammo into my hands on the live servers and thanks for making directives available for credits now! You guys did an amazing job 2019!!! Keep up the good work and pls give us a damn huge love for map designs and the whole map concept, with dynamic, variable map sizes per tier.



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shikaka9 #2 Posted 17 November 2019 - 02:55 PM

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shhhhh ... nobody tell him that Wot-Devs dont read forums ;)

Erwin_Von_Braun #3 Posted 17 November 2019 - 03:17 PM

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Spend most of my time at tier v - seems ok to me.


limso #4 Posted 17 November 2019 - 04:43 PM


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Well as a Beta tester my self i know they dont care what we say...its all about what the russian players say.

You could just sayed what is ruining the game evwryone knows it its: "special ammo", weeled wehicles, op russian tanks, match maker and the holly RNG (RUSSIAN NUMBER GENERATOR)

24doom24 #5 Posted 17 November 2019 - 05:01 PM

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Imagine writing an essay on a forum the WG dev team doesn't even know exists. 

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MrBinkles #6 Posted 17 November 2019 - 05:06 PM


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Number 1...really, encourage seal clubbing? The rest I don't disagree with but I think encouraging people to club more will just push more new players away. The rewards/access to events that you mention would be great for players with under 6k battles for something like that but to encourage people to beat up on newbies more is not a good move.

TsundereWaffle #7 Posted 17 November 2019 - 05:14 PM

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Developers do actually read the forum and interact with the community. There is one small issue however, this only applies to the Russian forum and community.

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