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The Glorious Skorpion G.......How it works for me

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Jack2Back #1 Posted 25 November 2019 - 01:54 PM


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So I have had the Skorpion G for awhile but never really liked it, played a few battles and got squashed in every battle. Gave up and decided to do the US TD line, did that to some extent and it was pretty fun, then gave the British medium line a blast and that was pretty rewarding, in one of these battles with my Centurion 7/1, there was a player in a Skorpion G ruling the map, took a look at his stats afyer the game and this player had like 1000's of battles in is Skorp and was a way above average player, so I gave the Skorp a run.

Some things I learned along the way, but before that so I don't get trashed by comments, I am not a great player, I play and I have fun, I play for the thrill and the adrenalin rush I get when I play. So my stats thus far in my trusty Skorp after about 2 weeks of gameplay.

265 battles / 46% Victories / Avg damage 896 - not great but the fun factor is really not measurable.


Commander  Sixth Sense / Camo / Recon 91%

Gunner Camo / Repairs / Snap-shot 80%

Driver Camo / Clutch Braking / Off Road 80%

Radio Camo / Situational Awareness / Repairs 80%


Concealment is at 35,83 / View Range is 473

Running Binos / Camo Net / Gun Rammer


This is how I play it and yes sometimes I am destroyed early on, this game style suits me.......................I do not use gold in this tank, simply no need.


I do not brawl with this tank, I never trade shots if possible.

I move around the battle field a lot, starting with a known good spot for sniping, get a couple of shots if I can, then look at the mini map to see where I am most useful

I have read that the accuracy has been nerfed apparently, no idea on this as I have only really started playing seriously in the last 2 weeks, yeps it's not great, but the trick for me is to stay hidden, use those bushes to full potential, so you can re-aim and fire again, this gun fires high a lot of the time so really accurate shots are a 50/50, yeps it can be a pain when you only get an outline, trust me on this, this thing is a beast when not spotted, if you get spotted then move immediately, in most cases you don't have time to move cos you are destroyed.

Flank and flank some more, but you have to wait mid game before you can do this. This tank is feared on the field, people hate it because it has great pen and great damage, so if they get hit by you and they now know you are there, they will most likely hesitate there advance, and yeps they will call in arty even though you are not spotted.

With a good view range, you can out spot most Heavies, and those are the guys you want to take out or suppress. Be vary of other TD's generally they will out spot you due to the average camo on this tank and this tank does not bounce too well at all.

Get Sixth sense as soon as possible, start your commander on Camo and then re-train to sixth sense once the Camo is 100% - why you ask, because you want to capitalize on a skill as much as possible and not have to wait to train up sixth sense before it is at 100%., get all your crew to 100% Camo, the Camo on this tank is not great so you need to boost it as much as possible and a rating of 35 is good as long as you stick in a bush,

Don't bother too much with angling when sniping, get in cover and stay still, behind bushes, use your speed to get around the battlefield, you want to keep the enemy guessing where you are do not stick around unless you are on a good sniping map like Ghost town where you can sit in a position nearly the entire game. DO NOT camp and be useless, if you are not getting shots then move, in saying this however, sometimes you have to be patient and wait for the shots, but not at the expense of your team getting chewed up.


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