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Sandbox HE theoretical situation

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jaxx77 #1 Posted 28 November 2019 - 02:25 PM


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Imagine reverse theoretical situation where game has no penetration on HE shells and is trying to introduce new mechanic with penetration for HE on sandbox server (the way HE currently works in game).

Would it be improvement ? If so, does the game go backwards then?

If there was no HE mechanic at all, and 2 of them would be proposed to you, which one would you chose, with penetration or not ?

Homer_J #2 Posted 28 November 2019 - 07:17 PM

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Interesting way of looking at it.


I think I would go with a very small penetration value depending on caliber, say 1mm pen per 10mm caliber.


And the new mechanic and damage values.

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And apply it to arty shells also.

Balc0ra #3 Posted 28 November 2019 - 07:31 PM

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When arty was nerfed first, they had 0 and 1mm HE pen test on sandbox for all SPG's. It did not go too well, even vs paper targets without redoing the HE mechanics. As if the armor is too thick, it won't do anything.


If they reworked the mechanics, and gave it low pen but it always did some damage. You would kinda be where we are now anyway for most guns. And I would argue it would be a step backwards for high tiers, but an improvement lower down. Say for a tier 4 trying to cap reset an I-O. But less so for the IS-7 HE spamming the Maus.

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