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possible packetloss?

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Eagles_Eye #1 Posted 29 November 2019 - 07:40 PM


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so the indicator light in game goes haywire

( it has done that since like patch 8.3 for me, thing is how ever i moved to a new house - different village, different internet, completely new pc and router and everything, and its still happening - even with a ping of like 16ms)


so i decided to use pingplotter,

which shows packetloss at hop 1 ( which is from pc to router, or router to whereever? )


but i dont have any packetloss issues in any other game or service, when i check with other tools or in other games that have packetloss indicators in %s


if i run windows own cmd  to login.p1.worldoftanks.eu it shows no packetloss on my connection, while pingplotter already shows it on hop 1 before i even launch the game.  so maybe im missunderstanding pingplotter or im not understanding anything :/



also my cable seems fine, and i tried to restart my modem to see if that was the fix but.. im at a loss now

( and seeing i already had this issue for a long time, back then wg support chucked it up to my internet back in that home, or my hardware, neither of which are the same anymore after all these years)


i like to note that during pre-battle countdown  the light is green.

the first few seconds-minute of the round, it stays green too.


the moment the first enemy gets spotted - when people start to open fire = the light goes like a blinker, or just stays red troughout.

and i do notice input lagg from mouse and keyboard and server reticle lagging behind at times.

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