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Need some tips for tier 10 meds

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kk40270 #1 Posted 30 November 2019 - 01:59 PM


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Last week i played about 50 games with my tier 10 meds and noticed that i have no idea how to play well with them ( i havent played with them in 3-4 years ). I play with russian meds with good crews, so those things are ok.


I am light tank player and i play 90% of my games in tier 7. I play quite well with them and carry games if needed. If i must say one thing where iam very good, it would be flanking. Those tier 6-8 games i know when and how to flank successfully. BUT. In tier 10 my flanking strength is weakness. Last weekt i get killed by enemy td or arty atleast 10 times while iam trying to flank. 


My normally tier 10 game goes like this:


Option 1. Game starts and heavy tanks goes to heavy corner, some tds helps them and some stays in base. I go with meds and there we trade shots (premium ammo is king there) while arty is shooting us. I am not very good in there so usually i get 1-2 kills and 2-3k damage, but eventually i dont help my team there at all. I just pull my weight. Nothing more.


Option 2. I go with heavys and stay back and try to snipe. Not good because i cant pen anything because those hull down monsters and also because i dont know every new tanks weakspots. If i go with heavys and try tarade shots i get killed quite fast. In there i do 1-1,5k damage and not even pull my weight.


Option 3. Ok this i what i do well... I go near heavy corner and wait 1-2 mins to see where enemy tanks are and then i can do something. When the clock hits 3 mins i make my move. I try to go behind enemy heavys. I try to use cover and stay as invisible as i can. But there is this always this 10m long cap between houses, rocks or hills and when i try to pass it i get nuked by enemy tds and arty. 3 shots fired and 400 damage ( i played four 0 damage games in last week ). Worst option. I have tried that several times but it always fails.


So how to play with obj 430U or t62? Of course it depends about your team and how it plays, but generally speaking.


Steppes is worst map for me and my tier 10 meds. I do more damage and kills with my tier 7 lights in there than those 10 tier tanks. Sad but true.


Here is last game from yesterday where i just play and have no idea what to do 



Ps. I know that tier 10 is quite bad and i will soon go back to mid tiers where my place is, but i would be happy if i could improve my gaming a bit in tier 10.


T: KK40270

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