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LFC WN8 >1'700, WN8 recent > 2'300

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PhoenixOne22 #1 Posted 04 December 2019 - 09:54 PM


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Hey guys


I recently stepped back as Commander from our Fun Clan which was only created for the purpose of having fun together and staying in touch. Since all members more or less went queit, I decided to step back from the clan.


Since you are maybe looking already a tons of topics, I make this short


What I am looking for:


- Strong, challenging clan who does frequently SH and CW who is from the rating around my numbers of WN8 / PR in which I can participate actively

- A clan who is looking to win gold and CW reward tanks and distribute them to the players accordingly to their participation

- You have adult players or younger people who knows to behave themself

- I have the possibilty to learn and improve my Gameplay, also maybe giving some advices, i.e. exchanging expierences etc.


What can you expect from me:


- Adult player, 35 years old, from Switzerland

- I speak fluent English, German, French and Italian. But I do prefer for a English speaking clan

- I have a functioning headset and installed TS3, Discord, Mumble

- I am a very strong Allrounder (yes, I also play the piggies :) ). However, my strength is as a MT or HT player (recently two marked the BC25t)

- I have 11x T6 tanks, 18x T8 tanks and 25x T10 tanks to fool around

- Times to play is usally in the evening, starting around 18:00/19:00  until 23:00 German Time and also weekends


Below you find the link for my stats:



I just want to point out two important things before you attempt to recruit me:


- I play also other games like Eve Online, World of Warships, Starcraft2 etc. Especially EVE Online I am very active usually and I also focus my time there. That means I will not be able to be around every evening or very frequently (like 5 times a week). Bear that in mind please.

- If you attempt to contact me, please do so with the ingame chat and if you like the TS3 data and a time so we can speak together. I won't answer here in the forum since I am not looking very frequent in here (actually my first time in here since decades.....). So if you have questions, just send me a ingame chat and regarding the topic


I hope to see you around and have fun on the Battlefield.


Cheers PhoenixOne22

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AGIOROB #2 Posted 05 December 2019 - 07:59 AM

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                                                                                                                            Psycho-Gorillas [PSGS]

About us:

  Psycho-Gorillas are looking to recruit members who enjoy banter as well as a good game of Tanks.

We are currently focusing on building a small but friendly clan and if you think you would fit in please step up and let us know!


Clan Requirements
Speak English

Have TeamSpeak 3 installed
Have suitable tier 6, 8 and 10 tanks for competitive battles
Ideally to have played 8.000 battles cumulative in any battle mode
Ideally have a minimum 50% win rate
Have a recent WN8 of 1200

Don't meet these?

If you're relatively close to the requirements the staff will assess your other statistics and if you do get accepted, there will be a small trial phase to ensure that you perform to the requirements.


What you will receive in return;
- Experienced players that are looking to help you improve your game play

and most important you will have fun


Clan Commander


Deputy Commanders




Personnel Officers



Recruitment officer



So if this fits, and you are looking for a Clan that battles hard whilst having fun then come say HELLO today!






Our Teamspeak address is: oslo18.spillvert.no:10090


(We Also Run A Dedicated Discord Page For All The Latest News And Friendly Chat


Real life ALWAYS comes first in this clan, so let us know of any inactivity/time away and we will keep your place open.






Nayonac #3 Posted 05 December 2019 - 12:06 PM

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Have a look at BC-X we can offer you Daily strongholds and advances, we are currently still recruiting for additional players for the campaign, but our cutoff will be soon.

So if you want to give us a try our details are below 






[BC-X] British Centurions Auxilia

“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”

We are the clan for those who want to play and the same competitive level of [-B-C-], but don’t meet their requirements.

We are currently focusing our competitive play at tier VIII and X,  but regularly do tier X advances and strongholds.

         To join our herd of heifers, you will need:

  • 2500 COMBINED (Overall + recent (30 day)) WN8 We look at WOT-Life to check
  • 2 essential or situation dependent tier VIII tanks, 2 essential or situation dependent tier X's (check tank list on the bottom)
  • TeamSpeak and must be able to speak English
  • We only have one rule and that is you can join TS when playing World of tanks, you can sit in the AFK channel and not talk to anyone but be on comms for clan games 

We will give you:

  • Clan boosters when strongholds are on
  • Strongholds and clan wars Monday to Sunday (tier VIII and X)
  • Platoons
  • Improving your stats by platooning with skilled players


Essential tanks are:

- Tier 8: WZ-132, M41 90 GF, ELC EVEN 90, IS-3, IS-3A, Defender, Caernarvon, WZ-120-1G FT, Progetto 46

- Tier 10: Obj. 907, Obj. 140, Obj. 430U, T62-A, WZ-111 5A, Obj. 277, Super Conqueror, Batchat, Obj. 268 V4, T100 LT, Type 5,


Situation-dependent tanks are:

- Tier 8: Lorraine, UDES / S1, VK 100 01 P, AMX 50 100 = Somua,

- Tier 10: Strv. 103B, TVP, T110E3, AMX 13 105, Rhm. Pzw., IS-7, Conq GC, T92


Requirements listed may be loosened at the behest of a recruitment officer.

​For further information or for applying to the clan, join our TeamSpeak3 server (TS.BRITISHCENTURIONS.CO.UK) and ask for a recruitment officer of the clan you intend to join.


We can take groups of players and are also looking for FC's 


To apply join our clan come on Teamspeak or discord or make an application via the link below  



Join our discord 


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