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A quick guide to good use of live stats

Live stats XVM

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GenAlexeyev #1 Posted 10 December 2019 - 04:50 PM


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I am not a the best player but I think that a guide of some sort should be available for the use of live stats, since they are not banned from the game completely. But to be honest, I also really hope that WG will split random battles in two random modes, one showing the stats of everyone in the vanilla client and one with no stats at all (and therefore modified names too). If you are a strong player, feel free to give feedback. To moderators: can guides like this be pinned?


What NOT to do



Even if we think we have a "good reason" to insult, is this going to solve anything? Or is it going to make it worse? Do not insult other players, for any reason. The stronger person is the one who has the capability to control themselves.

Underestimating one team

Live stats overall only give a very rough idea of the teams comparative strength. WoT is played by humans, stats are only averages and there is a strong snowball effect (a small difference is amplified).

Underestimating the enemy and being careless means not being serious towards one's own team and means less win rate. Underestimating the team and giving up means disrespect towards one's own team and also means less win rate.


What to do, smartly


Team gameplay

  1. If our team is stronger, we can be slightly (let's say 10%) more aggressive. Everyone should be ready to support a more aggressive push
  2. If the team is weaker, we should be slightly (let's say 10%) more defensive. Low HP people have to be kept alive, otherwise the disadvantage will snowball out of control. Be ready to relocate because any position can become too dangerous, even more so if your tank is slow
  3. We should try to predict which flank is more at risk, and prepare how to react

Target choice

1. First level of priority:

  • Focus strong tanks in good positions (for ex. hull down top-tier heavy, autoloaders in the end game)
  • Focus tanks that can be dangerous right now (for ex. not an autoloader on reload if you can first kill a more dangerous tank)
  • Focus tanks that we have a decent chance to do damage to (for ex. not sniping the cupola of a Super Conqu at 500m)

2. Second level of priority, less important. Only at that level should live stats be used!

  • Focus strong players and not weak players

Only firing at strong players is not a good idea: they are not always the best target, the decision is much more complicated! Also suiciding in order to kill good players rarely worth the risk/damage, because they are harder to kill than a suicidal tank... or are not a real threat in the first place (for ex. low tier).

Also related to focus: you can careful try to bait the enemy to focus you, but in a situation when the team can punish them hard.


  1. If you get surprised and die, don't leave the battle immediately. Try to understand what happened with the support of stats and the minimap. Which tactics did both teams use in that particular fight? Who did what and were they strong or weak? We should also remember that one event can happen by random chance, but the more a similar fight with similar result appears, the less likely the result is to be caused by randomness.


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TheJumpMaster #2 Posted 10 December 2019 - 07:54 PM

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This is more of a game play topic, hence it will be moved to Game Play.





BR33K1_PAWAH #3 Posted 10 December 2019 - 07:55 PM


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