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New Matchmaking idea

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_Mindundi_ #1 Posted 21 December 2019 - 08:26 PM


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As we all know matchmaking in world of tanks can be very infuriating. A majority of battles will be 0-15, or 15-0, which really just means there's nothing you can do to impact the battle. You're either going to win, or not. 

WarGaming could implement and new ranking system that only allows players in league to play with each other. For example some ranking system in which lets say you gain 1 trophy for a win and if lost then you lose 1 trophy (again just an example). These new leagues could just be like other games, Diamond, Gold, Silver and bronze league. Better players would move onto gold and diamond while new players would stay lower, which is better for everyone. Leagues would level the playing field and match players according to skill. And perhaps rewards could become present in the league in which you are in.


As well as making match making a lot better, this would give players something else to grind towards. And perhaps bring back a lot of old players who are tired of these trash teams.


For platoons, say a diamond and a bronze player platoon, both players would go to the diamond league.


I'm open to changing the thread and hearing others ideas. 

TheJumpMaster #2 Posted 21 December 2019 - 08:30 PM

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There is the MM thread or the Suggestion thread. Please use them.




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