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P.44 Pantera Research order and crew skills

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XxX1274 #1 Posted 23 December 2019 - 07:41 PM


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What would you recommend for the Pantera's research order? I free xp-d the second gun but now I'm out. Also what crew skills should I take after sixth sense and BIA?

anonym_393wvvm4AzeA #2 Posted 15 April 2020 - 11:01 AM


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I got P.44 Pantera too, after a cringe grind.

I free experienced the top gun and played for tracks, top engine, turret. Only do so if you plan to keep it.

Otherwise, go for the turret only and then get all combat experience to unlock Standard B.


I had good games and very bad ones, mainly because is a paper tank.

Every fking hit received gets you a module destroyed, so frequently that you burn repair and first aid kits almost every game (add -3000 or -6000 credits to the end balance).

Almost every shot gets you either tracked, gun, engine or turret damaged. I had one game in which I had to repair 3 times the gun.


The only redeeming aspect of P.44 is that you get to empty a clip of 3 if some thank is not careful.

If you try to pussyy in some bush the whole game, you better play a TD.

If you play actively, you better be very good at constantly maneuvering, otherwise you get recked a.s.a.p.


Skills - you play a medium tank, so go for:

1. Sixth sense, snap shot, smote ride/off road, safe stowage.

2. BIA all

3. Depends on your play style, go for cameo if you are a bush lamer, go for repair if you are active on the map


P.S. I don't get why this tank is so expensive if you have a bad game. You loose quite some credits. With tier VIII Emil I for example, if you have a bad game you kinda get even. With P.44 you loose a lot.

I mention that I do not use premium amo.

Mowglis #3 Posted 08 May 2020 - 04:43 AM


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It is a fine tank. I want to keep it. About 1450 dmg per game at tier VIII is fantastic,  for me of course! I enjoyed every tank in this line, from tier V till P.44.

I never advice to not fully unlock a tank and rush thru tiers. If you can free XP modules do it, but never judge a tank not fully upgrade.

Skillz of my crew are classical for an MT. Bia, ss,  snapshot, viewrange.

I use rammer, optics, and i switched from vents to stabilizer. Never felt the need for food or else.

To answer the original post, i mounted the second gun, second turret with the first tracks. Then, engine and tracks. Last, radio.

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