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[DR3DD]Immortals Dredd is recruiting new members

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_Voja #1 Posted 24 December 2019 - 05:36 PM


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Immortals Dredd is international clan with core from Balcan. We are trying to focus on high level gameplay , over 1400elo tier X & 65% winrate and over 1400elo tier VIII & 70%winrate.


What we can offer to players :

- Boosters during whole day (Credits+Crew & Exp+FreeExp)

- Daily SH and Advances

- Playing GM & Campaigns




What are we looking for:

-2k overall WN8 and 2.5k+recent WN8

-At least 3k AVG on tier X meta tanks

-Expirienced players

-Active players in SH tier VIII, tier X & Advances




-English during the SH and CW battles


Needed tanks:

-Tier X meta tanks: T95/FV4201, Obj.907, Obj.260, Obj.277, T110E3, T110E4, (Ebr 105,  Amx 50b, Bat.25t, Stb-1, Tvp T50/51, Leopard 1)-expirienced players

-Tier VIII SH tanks (Any of useful tanks: Progetto, Defender, LT-432, Caernarvon AX, IS3-A...)


If you think you are compentent for our clan , you can contact any of officers from our clan ! :)




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