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FV215b needs some love.

FV215b Needs Buff Pls

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haha_ufail #1 Posted 27 December 2019 - 10:04 PM

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heres some of my rushed ideas for making the 215b apply somewhat to the recent power-creep, the tank hasn't been buffed since it was first added to the game, and infact got nerfed when it went HD when the S.conq was added.

Side Armour should be on par with the S.conq... its a rear mounted turret with almost no side scraping potential is kinda silly.

LFP is pretty much pointless but upping it would help with HE spam since almost all 120mm + guns just HE pen it to death.

Cupola is a mixed thought, this tanks still gonna need weak spots but the current cupola is far too weak considering its totally flat increasing it by 50 would help with shots hitting the outskirts reducing its size slightly.

The dreaded shoulders need working on... 100mm for a super easy to hit glaring weak spot with an ammo rack behind it ruins this tank's side scraping ability, the S.conq's shoulders are 300mm and curve with the turret which makes the S.conq a significantly better side scraper than a tank rear mounting a turret for this exact purpose.. which is pretty daft IMHO.


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DuncaN_101 #2 Posted 27 December 2019 - 11:17 PM

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not that i don't agree ... but its probably not going too happen. because A) its not russian. B) its not a tech tree tank anymore C) the most important one... it won't make them money

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