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Progetto 65 - help and advice please on playstyle

progetto65; playstyle

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thewyj #1 Posted 29 December 2019 - 04:38 PM


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I am looking for some advice please on the playstyle of the Progetto 65. 


My current understanding based on the few games I have had and what I've read is:

  • Early game: fight at range, remain unspotted. Punish players that make mistakes or are overly aggressive. 
  • Mid game: provide local superiority or use maneuverability to flank
  • Late game: close in and use speed and maneuverability to secure the victory. 


The reason I raise this is because I want to understand from other players who have experience in this tank how they like to play it. I have also experienced in many many games that in the beginning of a game if I fight at range some other players in the game think I am camping. There's lots of clicking and I get called a coward or a camper. My understanding of the tank is that its armour is not that great and it is very vulnerable to artillery. I also haven't found any occassions where being closer made my gun more effective, the 65 has excellent gun handling and is lethal at range. In fact, fighting at range seems better than closing in because it's possible to get different angles on the enemy, rather than all being crowded around the same corner. 


Have I understood the tank correctly? 

los_lobo #2 Posted 29 March 2020 - 02:44 PM


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Hi there,


You made good points regarding the battle phases. 


I tend to do it just as you wrote, but admittedly, it's not always easy to do so. 

My start depends on the opposition, if for example ebrs are present I tend to play conservative and remain hidden behind a double bush if possible. If there is only one or no lights in the match I go to a forward position to spot and dish out some early damage.

Make a goal for your self, I chose to make at least 2,5k dmg per battle (not great not terrible). 

If the match is going in my team favor I start to close in, flank and generally harass the enemy team with end being aggressive clean-up and farming.


Some tips I gathered. 


At the beginning, never fire before the clip is fully loaded.

Do not fire more than two shots, unless it's a clear kill and you can spare some 40 sec for full reload.


Try to angle, armor is trollish. Take aim when fighting other proggos, they will bounce you more than any other tank.


Always try to track, it will help you and your teammates. Why spend 3 shots on a 2,2 shot kill, let someone else take those 100 hp left and you save one shot for another target.


You have good innate cammo, use it. 


Same goes for gun depression, view range and speed. 


In the end, do not care about the chat abuse. I had a match when I did a full carry, but got cursed on the chat. Idiots died like flies and I had to defend one wing and than to kill other enemies. Ended with 8 kills and over 8k combined dmg. 

Take your time and plan. 


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