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Have Demands from WOT Devs

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AmrWR #1 Posted 01 January 2020 - 11:38 PM


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My name is Mero


I have list of demands from WG Devs as a stubborn player in this community and game as beginning of new year


1) Increase Reserve Stock's top from 750k to 1 million credits...... as new year Gesture 


2)  Introduce Fortune wheel mini game into the game which i have 2 ideas for:


first: Implementing the fortune wheel before a player right enters a battle and play the mini game, The player shall press the wheel button and starts to rotate prizes and stops at a certain prize specified by WOT client's AI system, see if he would be lucky to get for example double X2 or X3 experience or more credit for that battle he's getting into and must be a win off course.


Second: Implementing the fortune wheel right after a player finishes a battle and must be win-victory as well, The player shall press the button and rotate the wheel and stops at a certain prize specified by WOT client AI system as luck, prizes may vary between 10k experience or 50k credit, 1 day premium, 250 gold ,etc (what comes up your minds)


3) A specific request was demanded by various players and still counts up by them as to implement and add Arabic language pack-set within the game to easy up Arab player's understanding for the game. These guys are your loyal players from far away and they are professional players (very professional, trust me on this one), they have created multiple clans over the last 7 years in this game and still do, from various Arab countries to satisfy their nationalist players, but they are disappointed by the fact that the Developers and game teams doesn't listen or let's say can't forfill their demand for some unknown reasons to us really and got disappointed more by the fact that WOT recognizes the Israeli flag and other Arabian countries's flags not, (Dude, War thunder already have some flags already) its been a great step when implemented the Jordanian flag as emblem in the game but want more and wouldn't hurt if implemented some Arab historical flags as well, employ Arab war-historians and stuff. improvise something WG ??? 



Thank Y :) 

Rob9315 #2 Posted 06 January 2020 - 11:26 AM


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Wargaming will not just give something away because of some rando winning, and even I understand that from a game-dev or game-economy standpoint

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