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Issue with controls

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Madlust #1 Posted 02 January 2020 - 10:28 PM


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I have an issue with controls for a long time and you should seriously consider what I have to say!!!


The thing is there is one action in game that you can not key bind and its when you hold down right mouse button and it locks turret on tank. Sometimes when I want to look around and still keep my turret facing the enemy i accidentally auto lock a tank that I do not want to auto lock, that can be resolved by key binding auto lock on some other key and I did that.


Other than that I would love to use my right mouse button to switch to aim view, and its hard to use it like that when every time you press it it locks your turret for a split second. So to resolve this simply add key bind to lock turret while holding button.


And you should give us one more option for controls and that is that we can hold down button while aiming and go to third person when we release option instead of having just a toggle option like now.

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