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RNG or what?

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limso #1 Posted 05 January 2020 - 03:05 PM


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Do you find your self in a game where your team cant do anything against the enemy team and just the next game your team doasnt need to aim or take cover and just shoot the enemy and your shells just find the weak spots on enemy tanks? Maybe you didnt think about it but that is RNG the "Random Number Generator"! So you land in a battle in witch you have a 50% chance to win if youre looking at the player stats after the battle or have XVM and yet you get obliterated that my friend is RNG it gives you or takes form you 25% (precision, armor penetration, critical damage etc). That is too much and it started to show that WG probably made some changes in recent months it got even worse and now there are too much battles ending with 15:1 15:5 15:3. They need to fix this issue!

Stevies_Team #2 Posted 05 January 2020 - 03:11 PM


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Simple answer:



I do notice these things


It's a lot easier for me, I use prem tanks and a Prem account but for FTP guys it must be a total nightmare

ValkyrionX #3 Posted 05 January 2020 - 03:12 PM


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I really don't think the RNG factor has anything to do with this phenomenon.


Simply the MM chooses the vehicles and assembles the teams and sometimes it happens that they are unbalanced in terms of the skills of the players who form the respective teams.


Any way to think of an MM who, in addition to taking into account a truly huge number of variables to form teams that are as balanced as possible with regard to vehicles, would be foolish to think of an MM that also takes into account the player stats and at the same time the vehicle of the single player as the formation of the matches, as well demonstrated by the MM of the ranked battles, would also lose 15 minutes to form matches that take into account the skill level of a player.


Not to mention that compared to the ranked, in the normal MM players can choose between 10 different tier vehicles.


It is a pure matter of luck or misfortune.


Have you ever practiced a sport? Have you ever lost a football game in a terrifying way for the opponent team too strong? It's the same phenomenon.


In any case, the contrary must also be said, I have seen many and many times really poor teams and really bad players, massacring much much stronger players in a few minutes.


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