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Regarding Sandbox "Rebalance" -failed miserably

Sandbox Rebalance Shell Rebalance

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Rob9315 #1 Posted 06 January 2020 - 04:45 AM


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What I think is wrong about the whole Rebalancing

1. What changes are currently to be made

2. What Wargaming wants each ammunition type to be used for

3. What is wrong with that
4. Addressing the Elephant in the room about Wargaming and their balancing

5. My GENUINE recommendation to WG, PLS LISTEN GUYS


1. Changes

  - all vehicles in the game get an increase of their Hit Points in the game. (15% - 30%, higher in lower tiers and lighter armoured vehicles, effectively reducing the HP difference)
  - counteracting this change, standard ammunition damage increases drastically (~+30% - ~+40%, making the dpm increase higher than the hp increase?)

  - removing the capability of HE shells to penetrate armor and reducing splash damage of HE shells

  - adding ap, heat and so on to artillery with waaaaay too low alpha damage and premium costs, effectively rendering that ammunition useless

  - adding non-stunning he ammunition to artillery, costing the same as premium shells, dealing more damage than normal HE shells with stun but being useless once again for missions and as you wont receive stun assist damage

  - leaving normal stunning HE shells on artillery as is, effectively nerfing artillery HE by whatever increase of HP the vehicle you are shooting at has had


2. What does Wargaming intend each ammunition type to be used for

  - Standard ammunition will have the highest alpha damage and is intended to deal a lot of damage as a reward for aiming at weak points

  - Premium/ Gold/ "Special" ammunition is supposed to be a low risk, low damage ammunition, being the first choice for engaging heavy tanks for a higher price (?)

  - HE ammunition is in Wargamings eyes used only to reset the cap, deal at least a little damage to hard to pen vehicles or take out low HP targets easily


3. What is wrong with that (in my opinion)

  - The DPM increase is higher than the HP increase, effectively negating all changes to standard ammunition and high points

  - this is effectively the same as reducing damage on gold/ premium/ "special" shells but worse

  - HE not penetrating anymore will make big parts of the playerbase quit, there are tanks like the kv-2 where this just is fun and many players just play a "derp" round after a horrible disaster to lighten the mood

  - Effects this will have are:

     killing tank playstyles (KV-2 and so on),

     buffing hull down tanks, as not even "special" ammunition can penetrate sconq or chieftain reliable when hull down, so the only way is with HE, just making the strongest tanks in the meta, hull down heavy (and medium hybrids) even stronger

     but reducing the effectiveness of tanks like the maus or type 5 heavy even more as they CAN be penetrated with "special" rounds unlike hull down meta tanks, even having weakspots for normal ammunition.

    artillery will effectively only be even more annoying with effectively a little less damage for you to be put out of your misery later...


4. The Elephant in the room

The whole rebalance is in itself unwished for, they are changing B-Z (standard ammo, he penetration mechanics, hp pools, ...) but leaving A (premium ammo) as is, where the ONLY thing they would have to do is reduce the damage on "special" for shell rebalance.

Wargaming needs to realize their [edited]-ups, apologize and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Wargaming needs to listen to the community, not cherry-picking comments from somewhere but have like an in-game poll for important decisions, only available to higher battle accounts (min 250 or more).


5. My GENUINE advice to you, Wargaming (staff, balancing team, ...)

Admit you made a mistake rebalancing B-Z.

Listen to the community, NO ONE wanted more HP, more DPM, no pen with HE.

Leave B-Z be, change the premium alpha damage by -15% or so and reduce RNG and cost on that ammunition type for a more consistent, lower reward ammunition.

Do what you promised, adjust the E100 and IS-4, buff the pen on AMX 30B, make the 430u less op, but interact with the community and reduce the amount of newly introduced premium tanks. Tell the community, THE EU COMMUNITY not only the RU community that you will from now on listen to them, and change things they want you to change like the USELESS british lights EVERYONE yelled about. Reducing the maximum capacity too much is NOT a way to nerf a vehicle effectively.


Please State your opinion(s) as well


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