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LFC during the campaign 2.2kO Beta Player.

campaign unicorns bestofthebest clan

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SeaChickenMeister #1 Posted 06 January 2020 - 06:14 PM


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  • 20917 battles
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I am looking for a good clan to play the upcoming campaign as a legionnaire


  • Experienced CW-player from the good old days (Efe-X,L-BUN, A-P2,MEME, PIGEO)
  • 28* yrs funny looking guy.
  • Addition Tier X in my garage except for some, but i guess i got most of the CW tanks except rewards tanks.:honoring:
  • Activity: During campaign 17:00 CET to 00:00 CET :)
  • TS, Discord available.


For the record, yeah my recent is shiet, cause i've stopped care about the stats playing for fun most of the time or drunk :trollface:

Old timer, 11yrs of service and ALOT of breaks from the game, to count full time play in this game should be around 3 years at max so yeah only 20k:ohmy: battles here. 


I am not looking for a long-term relationship, even if I wouldn't rule out the possibility that it could turn out fine :bush:. WGs recent changes (~2 years) in global map and strongold / advance mechanics, lowered my interest in clan-life to a temperature around 0 K. So, fire and hire would be no problem for me.

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