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Vstab vs vents

T-100-LT LT-432

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Rammer, optics and...?

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Pandabird #1 Posted 08 January 2020 - 04:19 PM


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So in quick basicness i put basic rammer vstab optics combo on both tanks, the T-100-LT and the LT-432. Won't mention the other tanks of this line since ultimately they don't matter (I actually hated MT-25, LTTB flip everywhere can't aim down, and T-54lw was just a mediocre medium tank before light tank meta)


That being said, still in progress of training a new female crew since these tanks host only 3 crew members. Don't make the mistake of using food to max out view range one the LT-432, this thing is a freaking torch if hit from the front.


One thing i've noticed is the gun handling is absolutely top notch, even without snap shot or smooth ride (will get them as 5'th skills don't worry).


So i'm considering a swap on both for vents instead of Vstab for more view range and some minimal dpm and mobility buffs.


Since these two tanks fire a LOT on the move i'm still open for opinions however.

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