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[Not Solved] Connection to the server interrupted, Reason: Client inactive

connection interrupted client inactive

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Awdgb #1 Posted 08 January 2020 - 10:00 PM


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Can somebody tell me what should I do to solve this problem?
After clicking "Enter!" loading starts with the movie in the background. After 5 long minutes game returns me to the login screen with the message: 

Connection to the server was interrupted
Reason: Client inactive

(loading screen: https://prnt.sc/ql0svt, Error: https://prnt.sc/ql0xgn)

I was searching on the internet for solution but I didn't found anything. As recommended by user _Patrol I disconnected every sesion and loged in in launcher. Unfortunetly I am still unable to connect with the server.
My accounts are not banned.

With my account "StayAwake" I launched tutorial to get some gold and token for free tier 6 vehicle. When I pressed the buton to launch tutorial, loading screen has started and I was kicked to login screen with this error.
Today, 08.01.2020, I don't know why but the problem have just disapeard. I was finally able to get to garage so I decided to try launch tutorial again. Do you know what happend? Yes, I was disconnected from the server, reason: client inactive.

I have second account "Szajwus_PL", registered in 2013 and I wanted to recive Hellcat and T-50. I have 0 battles on that account and have the same problem. Reason: Client inactive.
This make me want to uninstall this game.

The same topic but in polish language:


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Homer_J #2 Posted 12 January 2020 - 01:45 PM

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What about the account you are posting from.  Can you start the game using that?  If you can then we can rule out it being a firewall/ISP issue.

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