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Any opinions on TierX 'T-100 LT' ?

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FizzlePopBerryTwist #1 Posted 10 January 2020 - 05:01 PM

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I couldn't help to compare the T100 to 'LP-432' and... the T100 kinda sucks. (on paper).

I'm not saying its outright a bad tank... but i can't help to think it isn't great either, let alone worth the grind.


LP432 has a lot of features of the T100... PLUS seems superior in the right places which matter most for a light tank...

-especially the -7° gun depression of the 432, allowing it to be a lot more flexible when it comes to using the terrain (which should be a key selling point for such agile flanker/tanks!).


(432's) 30 tons vs 18 tons of weight seems also very nice. Ramming smaller light tanks to crush them is a legit tactic and while this cost some HP/t, the 432 still has a very healthy ration of 33hp/t !

Aside of that the 432 has better shell velocity (especially on HE) and no mayor drawbacks.


Last but not least: 432 meets tier 6+7! ... while the T100 is stuck with 8 9 10, where everyone has high view range, far better crews and whatnot. Not to mention utterly OP armor. 


It must be frustrating to drive the T100 with high speed around the map, only to miss or fail to penetrate, after struggling to sommeeehooww get the gun deep enough to even attempt a shot!



I'd rather give 10hp/t for -6° of depression... (especially now that you can experience -12 or -13!!!) Still, remember how happy i was when my T-34-3 got -6.5° ... still am. It makes A HUGE difference. 




Just a thought. 



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