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Movements bugged or something while holding down W-Key

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Doom477 #1 Posted 15 January 2020 - 03:02 PM


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Every single Battle when I am holding down W to drive, the tank will jerk to a halt as if I've let go of the W button. I have to release the button and press it again, but I've lost all forward momentum and speed. It has put me in a dangerous situation on the battlefield and ruined my entire gaming experience and i have no clue why this is happening since i have been playing for years. Just played a game in the Bc25t got spotted tryed holding w (like everyone else would!!!) and my tank wouldnt even move so i was forced to press R 2x to get moving this is ruining my experience so bad i really need help plss.


-deactivated Sticky Keys

- its a new keayboard - Aukey 

- drivers  are up to date GPU/windows 10 pro aswell

- looked on the Internet but cant seem to find anything even while contacting the support maybe u guys can help a brother out 


Thx for taking your time guys 

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